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  1. Sorry, but it’s on topic. Someone made a delusional comparison between w karlsson and Leivo and I said that comparison is similar to the delusional comparison between JV and Neely. We are comparing the comparison more than comparing the players, so the continuity is there and therefore it’s on topic.
  2. Sorry but this is a pretty black and white loss for us and win for Tampa. Not much nuances here to dissect.
  3. Nothing to disagree about. This is the exact result of JB’s work broken down. since we can never have a perfect baseline in any comparison, the best we can hope to do is assume that the drafting would have similar results if our team was full of garbage like Schaller, Dorsett, vey compared to icing a team full of UFA’s, waiver wire pick ups, and AHLers. Since you can’t really finish worse than 3rd last, 6th last, and 9th last we will assume the main core is the same. So our main core would be EP, Hughes hopefully, Boeser, Horvat, Myers , and Edler. So that would be the same or similar regardless if we went the dim Jim retard route or the proper rebuild route. So now that has been established, fast forward 5 years later. lets ask the simple question who would help and support our core win a cup better? 27 year old baerschit one concussion away from retiring or 23 year old 2nd round pick drafted pretty high? Dorsett sitting at home drinking beer or a 23 year old 3rd rnd prospect? Mcaan, 22 year old 2nd, 22 year old 3rd or tanner fricking Pearson? go through EVERY Single trade he has ever made with the same question. And it’s 100% safe to say that besides the Burrows and Hansen trades, we would be much better off with what we gave up. Its pretty cut cut and dry. Benning span his wheels for 5 years and saddled us with unmovable garbage like Schaller, Erikkson, and beagle and we didn’t benefit from any of his moves. We would have been much better off with what he traded away than what we got. Not sure if there is anything to disagree with. The comparisons are right there for everyone to plainly see. OP is bang on. That is plain to see for anyone that looks at this realistically and without the Canuck cheerleading poms poms on.
  4. The blind support for our terrible management group burns my bacon.
  5. The sad thing about all of this is that it masks another terrible management decision. If we didn’t burn his first year with a meaningless 10 games we would have him for dirt cheap this season and could have used the 7 million for Nyquist and something else. We burned Hughes first year for no good reason either.
  6. It’s on topic. I compared a delusional view of Leivo with a delusional view of JV.
  7. Exactly this. Shame that benning apologists cannot see through their blinders to see how poorly this franchise is truly being ran. The media criticizes this team because it sucks, not because they are Toronto based and hate Vancouver....
  8. Did we really just trade a fricking 1st and a 3rd for TJ fricking Miller?! Tampa was desperate to dump cap space too. Plus we haven’t even sniffed the playoffs yet. Sorry, but that is just a hilariously bad trade that gets worse the more I think about it. Lol We seriously need to fire Benning before he does something even worse than this trade.
  9. Lol it didn’t work. We would have looked much better with the picks vs the hacks we traded them for. That’s the thing. It didn’t work. Slowed us down considerably.
  10. Lol people overlook it because it’s the only thing you guys have to defend Benning. If you don’t hang on to this false narrative then what we are saying about Benning pissing away assets for hacks is true. the entire defence is based on we needed these hacks to fill the cupboards and shelter our kids. Uh no we didn’t....
  11. Shhhh. These same people still think JV is Bertuzzi or Neely incarnate. That don’t understand these types of concepts.
  12. Don’t bother. Zepp and his crew are hopeless as hell if they seriously felt those useless trades were a necessity....sigh. Lol
  13. Please. No one is suggesting never to make a trade. There is a logical place to make trades. It’s common sense when you are a buyer and need that extra piece to out you over the top, you buy with your assets. And when you lick complete balls like we do, you logically hoard your picks and hang in to all of your assets until they develop. Not sure how you and dim Jim here can’t see we are buying at the wrong time. 5 years of being a crap team should tell you that now isn’t the time to make stupid risky trades like his trades. We aren’t buyers in any sense of the word but only weirdos would support selling assets at our stage. The proof is right there. Benning has just been spinning his wheels for 5 years.
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