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  1. It looks like MR wants to host a game on the new forum. Get your asses over there.
  2. Tell me it ain't so my friend. We are a community, brought together from a few parts of the world to play this game.
  3. Thanks BJ, awesome game to finish up on this forum. Well done AE, I knew you were a killer, I told the town to take you out. Thanks to all the other players had some great times playing this game.
  4. By getting to this point in the game my character changes Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing Now go cut down the biggest tree in the forest with a herring. I wont spin a whole lot of BS to convince you guys to vote AE, if you want town to win you will VOTE AE
  5. I agree with you AE, surely the scum would have taken him out by now. Hard thing to do I love my brother however as I told myself at the top of the Glacier de la Meije just before I dropped in, this is where $hit gets serious VOTE LL
  6. Yes Lucky knows the significance of my original post. We both love punk rock. As for for his thanks for nothing, as I told everyone, the Shrubbery has no affect.
  7. Trusting AE and Lucky Plus it seem pretty obvious VOTE WW
  8. You want me change my vote ? I am busy again and haven't had any chance to analyse today
  9. Most of the Game I have followed your lead. VOTE WW
  10. Sorry I am a bit messed up ATM I missed round 4. Confused with voting for J23 last round.
  11. Shrubbery to MR and AL first night. Shrubbery to you, Toews next round. Shrubbery to Zfetch next round. Shrubbery to J23 next round. Shrubbery to Alchemy Time last round.
  12. Honestly brother I was told that when I give a Shrubbery it has no effect apart from the person actually receiving it. I am really sorry I am not around, I am flat ATM, plus it is warmish, I can't keep up at the best of times, through September - October. Had another kick in the guts today, found out one of my friends just found out he has cancer, after dropping off my flowers, I went to hang with him for a few hours. Nothing much I can say. I am really sorry for letting everyone down and not participating more.
  13. Want to give any sort of reasoning for your vote ?
  14. If this table is correct as you state Lucky, jazz and DM have been eliminated and leaves four others left. You have voted a few times for J 23 before changing your vote so that is what I will do for now VOTE J 23
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