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  1. Brother Pete and the Chicken represent all social media. I wish there was an enforceable rule that you can't type what you wouldn't say to someone's face. Maybe a quick burst of 240 v.
  2. Those who say we live in an unprecedented time of peace and prosperity come from western nations,and dare I say it,stable families that have not had to experience much pain/suffering and in their lives. What is happening in South Africa seems to be a common occurrence where people who just want to loot and cause violence take over protests.
  3. Unfortunately many human being's repeat behaviour they have witnessed been exposed to when they are young. Those who break this cycle are rare. One of my friends grew up watching his dad beat the crap outa his mum and him. His older brothers/bikers/did nothing about it. At 13,he was/is a big boy,he beat the crap outa his dad and his dad never touched them again. Five years later when I knew him he used to sometimes hit his girlfriend,I would get inbetween them and tell him to hit me,which he did,while she escaped. Ten years later he married another f
  4. Eddy was great however Ohlund and Lumme were just that little bit better IMO. Good fortune to him in all his future endeavours.
  5. Marsquakes ! https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/jul/29/nasa-insight-lander-reveals-internal-structure-of-mars
  6. Nice... What is their collection of records and CD's looking like brother ? Do they have lots of stock ?
  7. This song is made for driving really fast The lead guitar work is epic
  8. I cannot stress how angry I am at the injustice of this. It also puts off other whistleblowers,which I know is the purpose the of this. It is the only thing I actually hate....injustice
  9. This is a subject that is close to my heart and really pisses me off. https://truthout.org/articles/drone-whistleblower-gets-45-months-in-prison-for-revealing-ongoing-us-war-crimes/ Americans wonder why many in the middle east hate them.
  10. I've got a guy feeling about this kid. Watched a bit of video since he has been drafted,read every report I could find. Glad he has been brought over to play in NA in the AHL rather than a junior league,I feel the improvement in his skills will benefit from that. Here's hoping we hear he shoots,he scores sooner than later when Danila finally hits the with our team.
  11. It really seems any pretence of democracy is over. https://truthout.org/articles/aoc-blasts-white-house-suggestion-people-can-out-organize-voter-suppression/
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