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  1. As you have stated they are not beholden to those who put them there just ask trump. The fact they rejected his attempts to overturn the election results made me very happy on several levels. However we are dealing with their fundamental beliefs here in regards to abortion and creationism and I believe they would be proud to have as their legacy the overturning of such legislation as Roe v Wade and the teaching of Creationism as science.
  2. I know there are no set limits to the amount of justices who can serve on the court however it gets a bit confusing when you start to do some research. George Washington appointed the most justices,11. The number who have been allowed to sit seems to have varied between 7- 10. The number has sat at 9 since Congress set that number in 1869. FDR tried to convince Congress to pass legislation that would allow a new justice to be added to the court-for a total of 15 members-for a justice over 70 who choose not to retire however Congress did not agree with his plan
  3. I believe some of the names they use are priests,bishops,Imams and Mullahs.
  4. The supreme Court is now packed with people who have strong religious beliefs. Maybe even more than than the politicians what cases/challenges come before the court:ie Roe v Wade,teaching creationism and the decisions the court makes could set the state's back decades.
  5. Guantanamo Bay to use amnesty international's words is "a symbol of torture,rendition and indefinite detention with out charge or trial". Another of Obama's failed promises,in 2009 he promised to close the camp down within a year. When China or Russia puts people in camps like this there is an outcry from supposed democracies like the US.
  6. Brother all of our legal systems can never by any stretch of the imagination be described as justice systems.
  7. The site I sourced the lyrics from cited Trevor Jones and Eric Idle as writers of the galaxy song. Further research cites John Du Prez and Eric Idle as writers of the song.
  8. The Sedins were the ultimate role models,on and especially off the ice. Even though I have only seen a handfull of Canuck games,I am stoked they were players I got to see play and I also have a team signed Jersey with their signatures on it.
  9. I agree with most of your post however I would like to point out that it is not only the CCP who feeds their population BS,most governments/leaders do.
  10. Seeing how you have used some one else's post I will counter with Eric Idle and Trevor Jones Whenever life gets your down Mrs Brown And things seem hard and tough And people are stupid, obnoxious or daft And you feel like you had quite enough So remember when you're feeling very small and insecure How amazing unlikely is your birth Pray that there is intelligent life somewhere up in space 'Cause there's bigger all down here on earth. I left out the technical bits because you seem to discount science.
  11. Please don't use an icon to try and cover up your ignorance
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