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  1. There ya go How Enkidu became civilised is a tale worth relating to your friends.
  2. I kinda wish Dave would just happen to " bump" into the POS that abused his dog. Animal abusers are pure scum.
  3. Was listening to a dude that did time for for corporate/fraud crime on the radio. He was stating most of that type of inmate are middle aged and their fellow inmates think they are in for crimes against children. Those type of criminal's are called rock spiders here in Aus jail's.
  4. I was going to say that was some mighty fine talent selection on your part. Doesn't surprise me, you're a canny GM You let yourself down with the Miley selection however She is talentless
  5. I second that motion Thanks Crabman Your work is appreciated
  6. Pfffft It's a nation of the rich do what they want and the rest suck on it. There are tin pot dictatorship's and banana republic's where the rule of law holds more sway. Oh that's right it was a tin pot dictatorship
  7. The Redwings assign Kasper Bjorkvist to our minor league team.
  8. Great discussion by some radical lefties https://truthout.org/articles/chomsky-pollin-and-lapavitsas-are-we-witnessing-the-demise-of-neoliberalism/
  9. America- democracy Where the filthy and I mean filthy- rich get richer and well the article says it all. https://truthout.org/articles/top-1-percent-in-us-now-have-more-wealth-than-entire-middle-class-combined/ The greatest nation on earth What a freakin joke
  10. With all the talk about vaccine passports here in Aus and the ability for people to produce fakes,this is not only very interesting but timely. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/an-unhackable-security-code-could-be-the-scales-on-a-butterfly/
  11. Use your brain not Google maps. It's better for your hippocampus https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/alzheimers-research-on-london-cab-drivers-reveals-brain-gain-training-in-the-hippocampus/
  12. You only really need to know one name and that is Elias Pettersson. Also one of the greatest players to ever play ice hockey and he is still playing at 49 Jaromir Jagr was the number 5 pick in 1990.
  13. Seriously if you were an intelligent species would you make contact with us ? I know I wouldn't. Our first instinct is to shoot first,we don't mix well with others.
  14. Watch the British TV series The Capture. It will send shivers down your spine.
  15. Who polices the police? The royal commission findings, while focused on the relationship between one informant and Victoria Police, brings into sharp focus the broader issues of police accountability and police culture. The system for investigating police misconduct, corruption and criminality in Victoria is hopelessly flawed. As it stands, 98% of such cases are investigated by police. The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) lacks the resources to carry out investigations in most cases and is hamstrung when it does. IBAC considered the Gobbo case in 2015, then sent it back to Victoria Police for investigation. The police showed little interest in probing further. Read more: Expanding Victoria's police powers without robust, independent oversight is a dangerous idea It is worth noting that Gobbo acted as an informant for years before it was revealed publicly. According to the royal commission, more than 100 people within Victoria Police knew about Gobbo, but none raised concerns with the internal Ethical Standards Department or with IBAC. Police investigating themselves always raises issues of conflict of interest. But this is even more pronounced when a matter involves senior police, or former police commissioners, as in the Gobbo case. The chair of the royal commission, Margaret McMurdo, has decided not to name any current or former police implicated in criminal conduct, so as not to prejudice future legal proceedings. In 2018, a joint parliamentary inquiry report into how claims of police misconduct are investigated made 69 recommendations for reforming police oversight in the state. These included better resourcing for IBAC, and that it, rather than police, investigate all cases of serious misconduct. More than two years since that report was released, the government has not implemented its recommendations. Police oversight in other countries Covert operations have long been recognised as providing fertile ground for police corruption and criminality. Northern Ireland is a telling case. During the decades of the “Troubles” through to the peace process at the turn of the millennium, the covert arm of policing, Special Branch, acted as a force within a force. Some police engaged in and facilitated criminality, including murder. Read more: Northern Ireland's police transformation may hold lessons for the US Radical reforms were made as part of the peace process through the Police Ombudsman Northern Ireland, which was established to provide independent oversight of policing, including their use of covert investigatory powers. As such, Northern Ireland’s police accountability system is now widely recognised as the gold standard. The UK’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act also provides a basis for increased control of police human intelligence sources, including intense frontline supervision of officers, clear internal guidelines, and authorisation procedures, performance management and integrity testing of officers. In addition, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office provides independent oversight of police and other public authorities’ investigatory powers, including the use of human sources. The Victoria royal commission specifically made reference to the role of the UK’s Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office and the UK law, but did not specifically recommend them as models for Victoria, instead urging consultation with stakeholders to develop a legislative framework. When the ends do not justify the means The commission found evidence of “systemic failure in Victoria Police” and Even after the High Court blasted the Victoria Police for “reprehensible conduct” in 2018, its former chief commissioner, Graham Ashton, continued to defend the police’s actions in the media, on the basis of getting results in the “gangland wars”. This “ends justifies the means” rationale, often referred to as “noble cause” corruption, belies an above-the-law mentality. Much evidence was put forth at the royal commission to suggest that Victoria Police rejected or set out to thwart or co-opt systems designed to deliver independent scrutiny. The royal commission findings suggest a change of culture within Victoria Police is urgently required. AAP/Tracey Nearmy There have been a series of reviews and inquiries into Victoria Police over the past two decades. They have pointed to deficiencies in its management of informants, along with broader issues related to culture and leadership. Despite this, the royal commission findings reflect many of the same issues. The commission maintains it is “encouraging” that the new chief commissioner of Victoria Police, Shane Patton, has stated publicly the police will heed the recommendations of the inquiry. If things are to substantially change, however, reforms need to extend beyond these recommendations. The recommendations of the 2018 parliamentary inquiry also need to be implemented to ensure that in all cases of serious misconduct, police are investigated by an independent body that has sufficient resources and powers to carry out such investigations effectively. Nicola actually comes from a well connected legal family. Her father was Sir James Gobbo,former governor of Victoria. He also was a supreme Court judge. You know what they state most cops are nearly as stupid as the crooks they are chasing,that's why the few bright ones stand out. As for ICAC's both the cops and our politicians are trying to dismantle them. https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/pm/state-icacs-are-under-attack-sa-commissioner-warns/13557350 Our current deputy PM likened them to the Spanish inquisition https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/oct/05/very-silly-for-barnaby-joyce-to-compare-nsw-icac-to-spanish-inquisition-former-senior-judge-says Our PM went to the polls promising an integrity commission. Over 3 years later we are still waiting https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/worldtoday/pm-yet-to-deliver-on-promise-of-federal-integrity-commission/13532174
  16. Lest we forget. https://www.dronememorial.com/ There are 1 year old babies on that list. Just in case you are unaware of what this is,it is a list of the innocent people/children/babies murdered by the United States. I believe this qualifies as terrorism.
  17. The happiest man on earth died today. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/12/beacon-of-hope-holocaust-survivor-and-peace-campaigner-eddie-jaku-dies-at-101 I have heard Eddie speak a few times on the radio guy was a true legend. Lived through both Buchenwald and Auschwitz, got to 101 and truly was a happy,gentle man. Talk about heroes,this guy was one.
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