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  1. Easy and simple to play if you have played the game it is similiar to GM / Franchise mode with other members and always welcoming to new people as i am the admin there and always willing to help you out to get started.

  2. Hello All, 


    I Would like to introduce to you the FHS League, Come check us out and become apart of the league join a GM league with other members and great simming on NHL 19, Current NHL Rosters, Free Agent Auctions, and a dedicated admin and loads more.



    Have a great day and hope to see some of you there and thanks for your time.

  3. Hello All, 

    I would like to welcome you to the newest league in the fantasy hockey GM leagues as this isnt your typical NHL sim league this one is different than most and creative as it took about a month and a half to setup and complete so if your up for a challange and something way different this is a league you should check out and give it a shot. 18 team league with 16 teams currently open, Custom playoff format, and much, Much More !!! 


    Link -


    Hope To See You All There and Start the Fun and Games!!!!!