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  1. Perfect. Make us have to pay you next year hockey god. Like to see him carve out some top 6 production
  2. Honestly thought this guy would get a 1 way contract. Great signing
  3. Hoffman makes no sense to me. People underestimating our forward group. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty damn good as is
  4. I don’t find it funny at all. It’s a sad situation for all parties
  5. It was more of an example. I understand that but man it’s just the never ending LE story and I don’t think he deserves a spot on this team so I see no alternative. Team seemed fine after the sent Baer to the minors. I don’t know what effect that would have on the team like if you cant compete well enough to be on the roster then what else can you do, sure the team can understand that?
  6. Yeah when your team loses core guys like a Tanev - who guaranteed in far more respect by his teammates. Then that doesn’t bode will for the room either knowing who the elephant in the room his that pushed us to make these hard decisions. I have O sympathy for LE and that’s never happened to me with one of the players in the 20 years watching this team
  7. Ideally that would be the plan and I know what your getting at BUT it’s complete BS what this guy is doing to our team and the fact that we have to part with one of probably a 1st pick and a prospect just irks me to no end. The guy had made 30 million dollars playing in the bottom six over 4 years now. When Benning came out and said he wasn’t adding something to move LE my first thought was good for you man. Why should this guy keep hurting our franchise, Him and his agent can take a hike
  8. At this point I would love to just see LE in the minors. You want your money buddy ride the bus. I’m fed up with that guy
  9. The markets getting slimmer as teams are reaching the cap ceiling. I can see JB checking in on a guy like Hoffman on a 1 year deal at a reasonable hit. I don’t want him but again JB wouldn’t be doing his job if he wasn’t checking into all sorts of options. Hawryluk I’m interested in though
  10. I don’t live in Vancouver but really enjoy visiting there. The perspective is always different in the place you actually live in.