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  1. He was speaking on behalf of the organization. He’s the captain. Pretty simple/standard stuff. It’s very sad that people are twisting this. The same suspects. The deadline is over so they need something new to point the finger at management for
  2. Why do people need to stir the pot in these time, geeez crepes
  3. We will bring him in come playoffs. He will be our secret weapon
  4. I’ll have to check out some of those. 3 inches of Blood is a really cool band. Had there own kind of sound too
  5. Agree and I don’t live in Van but... Vancouver has Devin Townsend. A musical genius by all counts. Any rock/metal fans out there check him out!
  6. Yeah that’s fair. Got caught at the wrong time and reacted. I should have responded when I had more time. The Dude part is subjective and was more of a empathetic response. It’s just the way I talk sometimes but it’s subjective so I try to avoid it when typing. The more I think about it. It’s not really a bad trade. I’m just high on Vrana for my reasons. I know they are not analytical. But I’m also think players like Myers are great and help us significantly and he’s usually on the wrong side of those. Is Vrana a better player then Mantha. No he’s not, Mantha is a complete hock
  7. Sorry I’m a gut feeling kinda guy hahaha. Which is why maybe the guy should take me up on the bet lol. I see Burakovski written all over this. I’m making assumptions and I’m ok with that, I’m still entitled to from watching him play and following his more traditional stats regularly. I’m not an advanced stat guy put it that way
  8. This really irritated me. Complete dismissed anything I said to make a statement hence my reply of “what’s your problem” You singled out one of my comments that I thought it was a great trade for Detroit. I made some points and that’s all there is too it. If it makes you feel better. Great trade for Washington. I love your posts Old News you bring a lot of insight where others are lacking but I don’t think it’s fair going on about how I’m wrong. My opinions not going to change
  9. I’ll take you up on that bet with Vrana. I also think Mantha will thrive with Washington but that opinion doesn’t discount the player Vrana will be. I’m sure Oldnews will attack me but I really believe in Vrana personally
  10. Also Petey wasn’t playing well cause he was sad his friends left ahaha. Oh man good times
  11. Dude he’s in 2 fantasy pools of mine. I check his ice time every game. I’m making a claim based on that. I don’t need to check the facts when I have a close eye on him all the time it wasn’t till recently he was playing 3rd 4th line minutes. But I’d production and trajectory are solid af before that. I’m not here to argue. I’ve stated my feelings towards the trade and also made a comment that we will wait and see who truly wins the trade. I’ll keep my one liner thank you very much
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