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  1. Agree. Petey had a great sophomore season. But traditionally sophomore seasons are harder for player. Imagine if Hughes takes a small step back before getting better again. Trade him while they’re still young am I right?
  2. Hah! I knew posters would sink to trading Boeser for a draft pick. Called it
  3. If I was Florida I wouldn’t trade unless it was a huge package back. Makes no sense outherwise
  4. Sounds like a change of culture is what I’ve been reading. So I’m guessing they would be looking for quality guys. Gaudette, hate to say it Boeser (not on the trade him bandwagon). Virtanen -probably not a fit with his history Also they will want a high draft pick or a quality young Dman in return
  5. Would be absolutely wild if JB pulled Ekblad outta Florida. Reminds me of the Luongo trade. I couldn’t believe it at the time
  6. We need D that are good defensively but can also move the puck. Joulevi for sure has that potential. It’s not about experimenting. We gotta stop trying to fill holes through free agency. We have to grow our players to be successful. That what successful teams do. We have one year left of entry level contracts with Hughes and Petey. Its not All or Nothing!
  7. Don’t know. But losing Tanev and adding someone not of his defensive caliber like a Barrie doesn’t help and probably makes things worse long term. If they are gonna improve the defence it better be via something like the 2 you mentioned or second tier with youth like a Cernak. Cause we can’t pretend to fix our defence anymore. If a reasonable deal can’t be done. Play the Raffertys and Joulevis see where they are at. Re access next year
  8. I’d rather see us make a bold move like acquiring a Cernak oppose to trying to plug holes with other vets. If they cant make a deal. Play a couple kids. See if they even show potential to be top 4 then access the defence next year. We all know the defence needs to improve but we shouldn’t be signing guys to pretend like we are improving it lol
  9. Please don’t sign Barrie. Rather see Rafferty play. Losing Tanev is a different story
  10. Go lightening! Don’t really care other than maybe Schenn to win a cup. I just want the off-season to start!
  11. Always liked Gagner. Wish he had a better go in Vancouver. Good to see him get a contract
  12. Has amazing playoffs stats. Always gave his team a chance to win. Battled his way from the minors early in his career. Always like those kind of guys. Impressive indeed
  13. He’s signed for another 2 years though when did this happen? Didn’t even read it. Canucks army is brutal. @debluvscanucks made some good points. He’s not completely useless. He can play if in the right spot. I think he’s done on this team though if not on paper. I sometimes wonder if he didn’t score on his own net in his first game as a Canuck that it would have been a different outcome. At least his first couple seasons here. Decline is inevitable but he never really showed offensive confidence from the start
  14. Yeah maybe they can strike a deal with Vegas. Hard not to like the guy. Has a great resume, crazy he’s been tossed around recently. Imagine if Seattle does take him. I imagine they’ll try and go younger though