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  1. Interesting on Petey. I like it. I’m not worried about him personally but it’s nice to see that Green isn’t treating him any different than anyone else that Is struggling
  2. As long as Podkolzin is in as well. Otherwise no lol
  3. Must mean Dicky will be available for tonight? @-Vintage Canuck-
  4. 4-3 Canucks. Garland first Goal Horvat GWG Hopefully my luck changes as I’ve predicted the wrong team to win everytime lol
  5. My point was some people like to point out that we could have drafted Pasta but obviously so could have 20 other teams. Who knows why Benning chose McCann for sure after being with Boston maybe he’s right didn’t wanna leave a bad taste in their mouth if he knew they were high on Pasta
  6. Also This. Hughes was all over the board if I remember correctly. It was a no brainer in JBs mind but not everyone’s else’s! GM were and still are shy to draft small players. Look at Stankoven in this years draft!
  7. Practically every team passed on Pasta. I mean he should have been at the top of everyone’s list with what we know now. It just happens that he was picked after McCann. It’s the same this with a guy like Aho. Should the team that drafted someone before him in the second round be scrutinized. I don’t know it’s not really a miss when every team missed. Unless it’s just that. Everyone missed on them
  8. When you hate something or someone you try to find every fault and justify every positive with a this could have been done instead. Becomes tunnel vision essentially.
  9. I was thinking that Schenn has 2 years on his contract would deter teams from picking him up. Agree on Hunt
  10. He has a NTC. I don’t think they’d even explore that right now
  11. Shouldn’t effect the left side. The only thing I wonder does Burroughs get sent down or Schenn. A more unlikely scenario is Hunt getting sent down and keeping 2 righties as spares. Burroughs has played well so I would think it would be Schenn going down as he would be more likely to clear
  12. Not sure who that is. I always think of that guy with the chains I think. Looks like he’s in a biker club or something. Always right behind the bench. Anyone know who I’m talking about. It’s been awhile so maybe my description is off
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