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  1. People trolling this page. Shame, a lot of work into this. I will have a full read when I get time
  2. I always want to see Canucks succeed. There’s been one exception to this rule and that was LE. I tried Alf, I really did. To my point. I want to see this guy knock it out of the park and to do that, what does he need to do? Just be a solid 4th/5th guy for the next 4 years. That’s it, that all. That’s what he’s paid to do. He needs to play to a 2.5 million dollar defencemen. That’s it. I can’t believe some people in here. Oh wait yes I can.
  3. Didn’t this fella make another wicked thread just before free agency? Very cool
  4. Reading through this thread is awesome. Starts out pretty meh and comparisons to Gudbranson. Then takes off right after his first game. People wanting him signed for two years. Lol 2 Years later, it happens
  5. Cut the crap man. I don’t know what you fascination is with dumping on Boeser
  6. He already makes almost 6 million a year what’s a raise looks like 2 million. 3 maybe. Depends on the going rate I guess for a goal scoring winger. I don’t see any issues there looking from the outside
  7. That’s over now. Trust me I was in the same boat. I was ready to tucker down for one more season. People flipped out though because of last year. Which is mind boggling because we really didn’t have a chance last year with the schedule and covid. It was when JB pulled of this move with OEL retained and somehow got Garland too. I thought ok you know what, it’s go time. We have plenty of space and only really have to figure out Boeser next year. And have you seen the contracts some of these Defencemen are getting 9-10 million dollars. We could be looking pretty good with OEL at 7. I’m
  8. Would you prefer he just said hello mr Agent here is the 12 million for Petey and 10 million for Quinn? We have more then enough cap space to sign them. I’d say there’s even enough to sign Petey long term. Patience
  9. Benning use to mention Chatfield a lot. Means nothing imo. Kinda like the whole Horvat not mentioning management during covid. It’s weak speculation
  10. Good question but He can still sign before his hearing. I’m guessing somewhere between 2-3million
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