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  1. Yup you are right. Fair is fair. Maybe even a couple extra laps for good measures
  2. I have a feeling Green is going to make them skate anyway haha
  3. Guy annoyed me on Edmonton. So I’ll probably like him haha
  4. Because contract generally have term attached to them. We aren’t resigning an 30 year old here. We are resigning a 21 year old that had a pretty damn good season his first year but struggled his sophomore year. Not uncommon at all. All very different scenarios which we can only wait to see how they reveal themselves.
  5. I’m in wait and see mode. I ain’t getting worked up like the lot here. I don’t think he deserves Makar money no. I think on long term he should be paid accordingly re: he and the team will be better. He is very young and people forget that. Signing him to a bridge deal would not help us long term but maybe that’s where this is headed, Getting a little overpaid now could definitely be a blessing in a couple years though. We are getting ahead of ourselves before the facts are revealed.
  6. It’s almost as if they had 10 plus years of more experience then Quinn
  7. Kaprizov contract will actually end up being like 25 million AAV cause they had to buyout Suter and Praise to make it work
  8. Boggles me how players like Cory can lose all their confidence. I can’t remember was he dealing with other issues? Anyways wish him the best
  9. Agree with ya there. I was fine with what Jack said but only because I thought he could relate to his minus on a team that struggled as well. However I too get excited when I see things like where the Canucks are predicted to finish this year. We have a flippin great team imo. Now probably a top offensive team in the league with the additions this off-season. Our defence will be better and we have one of the best goalie in the league imo. I do prefer this to the latter though. Proving people wrong will feel good, real good!
  10. Don’t let the media and this hold out fuel you, for all we know JB may be trying to get them to sign 5 million dollar deals. JB is a rockstar with RFA’s. Can we just reserve judgement until we see what happens here. Feel a lot of anger and tension from fans here. Let it do it’s thing then we will see where we’re at.
  11. Quite interesting the perspectives on the Jack Hughes comments. I for one have no problem with what he said. Nor do I think it is some form of entitlement. Brother is just stating some obvious facts. Ya we did suck for many reasons including the cards we were dealt last season. It was easy to pin things on Quinn last year considering he played more then any other player last year. How about Jack. I wonder what it’s like to be known as a BUST when the guy hadn’t even reached 20 years old. Fans are crazy and have crazy expectations sometimes. I think the comments where more or less l
  12. The pressure point should be training camp. Do we really want to go down this road? I don’t know how much of what Freidman is saying is accurate but I’m a believer in not having distractions during camp. It’s a fine line of trying to get a deal that makes sense for our future and starting this season the right way imo
  13. I’ve been ignoring this situation for awhile now for this reason. I’m starting to get interested again, hopefully within the week this is a done deal
  14. Well at least you don’t have to worry about anyone picking him off waivers lol
  15. Nooooooooooooooooo! That number should be retired forever
  16. That’s pretty flippin awesome
  17. Maybe they didn’t wanna show him off for Seattle lol. Chance he comes in next year maybe?
  18. Didn’t Detroit just win the cup here
  19. Eff the comparable. Podkolzin is his own beast. Cannot wait for this!
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