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  1. Nope...not yet...we can still tie Mtl. and we would have the first tie breaker.
  2. Met Trevor when he was an 18 yr rookie. Here he is holding my daughter. Great guy, easy to talk to.
  3. Wife and I got ours last week. Woke up with fever and aches, but they went away by the end of the day.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking. Wearing (insert 1 of 29 players) old number 15.
  5. Perhaps the fact that he was down on the ice earlier and recovered quite quickly after the whistle had something to do with the non stoppage. On another note, regarding the penalty on Roussel when the Hab's player fell. All games are watched back in the NHL offices, and they call when a goal is scored that the ref's don't see. So why can't they call in instances like that when it was clearly not a penalty.
  6. They will still have 4 games in hand. But if we win both, they will be trying to catch us.
  7. I give every player the same consideration. If a player has potential and the tools to do the job. But only plays to that potential when he feels like it, that irritates me. I don't care if a player fails, but at least give 100%. Let's just hope he's a slow learner, and is finally learning what it take to be successful every game.
  8. Only 3 teams can win on a given night (barring 3pt games). So as long as we win some games, we will pick up points on some. There is always hope, until we are mathematically eliminated.
  9. He's got the tools, but just like me he can't seem to find the one he needs when he needs it.
  10. Current Injuries: Jacob Markstrom: 1 game - upper body (Feb. 22) I think it must be a sunburned neck from the red light being on for so long.
  11. Definitely in the top 30. Not elite yet, a ways to go before that happens.
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