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  1. Not surprised you don't remember Boudrias as he played for us from 70-76, but surprised about Smyl who was here from about 78-91 and was our captain for awhile if memory serves. Hope you're right about Podz!
  2. How about the guy whose # he's wearing?? For us old timers Boudrias and Smyl are up there too...
  3. All speculation about $$$ and term aside I find it concerning that neither is signed yet. Benning needs to get on it
  4. A total class act..hope it works out for him....and us!
  5. I want you to be right about Poolman....I hope you are....looking forward to training camp and the battle for positions...
  6. Fair enough....I was just asking why 1 RH defenceman gets less then a mill and another 2.5 when their stats seem similar..maybe their was a bidding war..thanks
  7. I just asked a question because like I said I don't know Poolman..no need to be obnoxious
  8. What about him warrants 2.5 Mill a year...his stats seem less than ordinary I mean Schenn had better stats last year and we got him for under a million. To be honest I'm totally unfamiliar with Poolman so help me out class, did we overpay?
  9. When we traded for Schmidt I was stoked, thought he'd be a real plus for our D...yeah not so much....my feelings on his trade..Meh...we got what we paid and freed up some cap....no big loss Now what I'm really happy to hear is that it looks like we're bringing back Luke Schenn..know he's jut a role player but feel he'll bring some grit and toughness we badly need like he did when he played bodyguard for Quinn...he was OK defensively too..remember his record for hits in a game.. Sorry went off topic
  10. What a waste of talent and potential...if only he'd had the work ethic of players like the Sedins or Hansen what a player he could have been...hope he grows up b4 it's too late
  11. The Hockey reporters are saying we got the short end because of OEL's salary hit for 6 years. I think one outlet gave us a D+. I don't know..I want it to be a good trade but I have a bad feeling about this. So hope I'm wrong.
  12. Realistically I don't think we have the cap space right now and even if we could squeeze out the $$ I think it would limit financially what other moves we could make going forward. i'll stick with #9
  13. Ah and there's the hill on which all really bad trades die the "if" word...I think there's enough real stuff to discuss instead of what I can only describe as very silly conjecture QH ain't going anywhere and then there is this..it's waaaay harder to find an elite defenseman then a top winger IMO
  14. Oh My..2 wins against Toronto then shutout by Ottawa..it feels like I went to bed with Selma Hyack and woke up with Phyllis Diller !
  15. I say "Me Too" to this excellent comment..see what I did there ? Lol. Sorry still giddy from the game
  16. With Demko Markstrom had to go ($$$$$). Would have been nice to keep Tanev but thought at the time Schmidt was an upgrade (not so sure now). Toffoli at 4.5 Mill was a no brainer IMO and Benning totally dropped the ball big time there. I mean who would we rather have Virtanen or Toffoli? Answers obvious to me but then I'm sure others have a different opinion
  17. I tried to believe for so long but the truth is that most nights our team, our players (overall) are just not good enough..so sad
  18. Hoping for a big win...and BTW did Juolevi pee in Green's Cornflakes...kick his dog...pinch his wife..what???...someone please tell me...
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