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  1. Don't think our goaltending is bad just that my fellow Canucks fans over rate avarage goaltending
  2. Our goaltending is over rated our d under rated
  3. Have you watched the leafs this year that's a fire zone
  4. I don't think throwing an elbow is running dudes and I never wined about it happening to a Canucks if I did with the way the NHL is reffed that would be ever second game. I would have a Pronger on my team and they don't get much dirtier.
  5. I agree that's why you need $&!# head on your team that has no moral compass NHL is reffed for them in playoffs always has been
  6. Welll Bertuzzi wasn't in a playoff series at the time and we made a final in the year Bure threw that elbow and lost to a team with Mess that thought Linden was a tree he had to chop down ever shift I think that proves my point.
  7. I don't think I have ever seen a team win a cup without having what you refer to it as a coward on it
  8. Take you didn't watch Mess cheap $&!# his way to a cup in 94 and that rat on Boston in 11
  9. Worked for Bure against Dallas and we won the series
  10. Bo,s contract is a steel
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