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  1. Hopefully yes.... But Bennings track record in blaming others suggests he tries to use Green as a scapegoat.
  2. If a coach or GM/owner ever think that way they should reconsider what they are doing with their lives. Maybe start another career as a salesmen.
  3. I don't know what I should think of Green. But he does two things I don't like and that is play his best two much and rotate players in absurdum. So keep Clarke and rotate the others...
  4. https://twitter.com/i/status/1392548659196276739 Timrå is back in SHL with some nice bits from Dahlen
  5. I like the description " Every change makes a difference" and "Exploring the lives of Canuck players who through life encounter the special gifts they have, or at least believe they have"
  6. Well, after Stecher, Tanev and Toffoli talked about lack of communication from Benning, I read a completely different between the lines section than you.
  7. Well, he’s not a cap dump like Loui but the Lightning are a completely different team. so why did they drop him off at our gates?
  8. Well, someone has to guard the offensive players back. Loui is good at that.
  9. Well, Miller was a cap dump for that team. You had seven forwards in Lightnings scoring more than Miller. Now Miller is exploiting the factor called "Alien" and being in the top line on a team with first PP time. He didn't have a chance to get into Lightnings first line.
  10. Agree on a lot here... Why not just hand out a 3 mill contract. Myers got 6 mill and Gudbranson 4 mill. Tryamkin wanted to come here also but if Benning trying to lowball him Tryamkin just turn his head the other way. Benning have a hard time understanding swedes so russians is probably something unknown for Benning. How many personas/alias are Benning here.
  11. So if both Flames and Canucks start to tank properly... How many dares to watch the games between them when they both try to lose.
  12. Maybe if Benning trade Petey away. Petey knows too much about Uticas coaching style.
  13. As with Benning it’s all about the scouts... Not the GM.
  14. Is that so hard to understand? Benning is the skipper that has people all around doing their business. Benning is there to get the message out, negotiate with owner, media, other GMs etc... Drafting is done by a bunch of scouts and Benning hear them out. So Benning will probably only focus in the players his scouts already is tuning in on. Communication skills is something he has to have in abundance.
  15. Communication skills is more important for a GM than drafting.
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