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  1. Off coarse every coach in NhL has yelled. mostly former players go on with coaching and their father taught them this way as their father taught and so on tio we’re back at neanderthals. Have you ever heard that a coach can change coaching style?
  2. The yelling is neanderthal… If you can’t motivate your players without yelling you should consider another job.
  3. Maybe because Green changes lines as soon as he can. The players don’t know who they gonna play with and for how long. It creates a dysfunctional unit. Then, Green is grooming Petey into a 1st center playing 200 foot. How long that transition will take is unknown, if it ever will be as Green thinks anyway.
  4. Well I’m not sure any of the new lines has time to gel because Green is impatient.
  5. I spoke of Utica and NHL coaches as Babcock, not NHL as a whole. As before when you or another asked the same question. Psyhology is the key and treat players accordingly to what is their key. The worst bit is to treat them as a unit and ”bully” the players that doesn’t align with the unit. The players including fringe and drafts is the top dog in NHL, not the coaches. It’s the players that makes money to the same owner.
  6. The players from the farm is just cannon fodder. The only ones that get out of there healthy is the goalies. The other players turns into noncreative players that only can fill the depth need. I can’t come up with any good from Utica. Everything worth anything came directly into the rostrr or traded to us. Abbotsford can be good because it’s in the area. I want to see a modern approach though from the coaches there.
  7. And… I don’t get it. You like Benning, Uticas coaches and players fighting instead of playing hockey. This is the three major beefs I have with other fans here. I might question your interest in the Canucks when these three things are the ones you like about the Canucks.
  8. Petey should be enough as answer… The Alien on the team and a damn fine Timrå player. Remember that, Benning isn’t close on my top 50-list with the Canucks.
  9. I don’t like the feel of Benning feels rushed as the real window opens in a few years. Now we’ll have a cap squeese coming instead of a steady influx of elc-players. But it was a good trade though.
  10. I don’t like Benning except drafting and this season kind of trading. He isn’t a GM in my eyes and he is not the Canucks for me. The Canucks is the team… But you might think the GM is the Canucks.
  11. Development for years… Eklund is quite possible better already. The real window starts in a couple of years when Hughes and Petey get warm. Stress isn’t good.
  12. I’ve seen glimpses of Eklund in Sharks and that guy could have played for us instead of Garland. Benning stressed this deal and lost maybe the best player in the draft paying 4 mill more for Garland.
  13. Now we have a good defence against the virus. The problem now is that the unvaccinared people spread the virus much more and it may lead to a mutation that kills vaccinated people. So the cab or drive drunk is a good analogy. Even if we only look at par example Hamonics child it’s a good analogy. What if an unvaccinated person around the family by accident pass the virus on? Something that is very hard if all around her is vaccinated.
  14. Well, it depends on how he coached the Calder finalists. Did he push AHL cannon fodder like Reid Boucher to top positions like PP and first line or did he try develop the youngsters?
  15. Check out the betting companies. In Sweden Unibet streams a lot of games.
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