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  1. Really think there is some fire to these Reinhart To Van rumors JB said he want's to be aggressive this offseason Reinhart wants to return to the west coast and JB has tried to get him before so obviously likes him as a player Would love to see the RW depth of Boeser Reinhart Podkolzin  


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    2. TNucks1


      im sure Podz will get a look in top six like hoggy, but if we trade for sam having him 3c wouldnt be terrible or in top 6, gives us different options.

    3. #Canucks


      @TNucks1 it would definitely give us options. I would like to see the pick, if traded, fill a bigger void like defense. I feel like 3/4th line guys you can fill with free agency.

    4. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      I’d be on board with getting Reinhart for 9OA just as long as Buffalo takes on one of our bigger contracts (I.e. Roussel, Beagle, or Eriksson).  Maybe Juolevi can go the other way as well.

  2. Wouldn't touch Dumba with a 1000 footpole guy is terrible defensively
  3. This is based on the assumption that Hoblty and Virtanen are bought out and that Pettersson and Hughes sign bridge deals for 7.5m Each It's no secret that our depth is pretty terrible but with the recent coaching change with Brad Shaw coming in and JB saying he would like to be aggressive this offseason. It had me thinking who was our options and I had the idea of looking at these 3 former Blue Jackets in Brandon Saad, David Savard and Alex Wennberg. There is obviously a familiarity with Brad Shaw and these 3 guys. They would be a very ideal fit as our Biggest needs are a Defensiv
  4. Let's not forget Miller "wanting out" or Boeser being shopped last season
  5. I really don't know what's more surprising Ian Clark back after the media basically tried to run him out of town or the fact the Canucks fanbase is finally agreeing on a move
  6. let Sutter walk if he wants anything over 1mil honesty he isnt that great as for the package its not bad not a fan of giving up lind AND a 2nd otherwise its plus its not wroth it to let miller walk at that point re-sign boyd and gravoc and keep miller
  7. Hopefully we trade the pick now we know that we are picking 9
  8. Dhaliwal confirming the Russian article is well
  9. With these player most likely wanting out I could see a fit here playing for their hometown team as Benning said he would like to be aggressive in free agency and trades, so here is my proposal Expansion draft Hoblty LTIR usage Beagle Ferland Signings Re-sign Elias Pettersson 3yr/7.5M Re-sign Quinn Hughes 3yr/7.5m Re-sign Sam Reinhart 4yrs/6M Re-Sign Cal Foote 2/yrs1.25M Re-Sign Vasli Podkolzin 3yr/925K Re-Sign Travis Hamonic 1/yr1.25M Re-Sign Tyler Gravoc to a 1yr/700K Sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 6yr/
  10. a Snowball has a better chance in hell then Van making this trade tbh, Dahlin is already consider a bust by some not only that we are trading for a guy that is already on a strength for us if he Was Right shot D, it would have some legs i be it very very small legs but still none the less this trade makes zero sense for us i rather just offersheet Dahlin then trade our best player for him this just makes zero sense
  11. Right most of those contracts where also signed before the flat cap the past 5 stanley cup winners 3rd line center made around 5% of the cap which would be around 4Millon give or take in terms of a 81.5Mill Cap so pretty much halfway bettween what we are both saying
  12. Miller is a 1st line winger now so i wouldn't put him in that group, Cirelli is closer to a 2nd line Center on most teams Jordan Stall is overpaid stastny is overpaid by about 2 Mill too, Bozak wont make above 3 after his next Contract so not really sure what you are trying to say here
  13. I wouldn't say he is bad at nhl talent as of late Miller has been really good for us, Schimdt has been crimanlly underrated here, hamonic ect
  14. I mean in all honesty a 3rd line Center shouldnt be over 3m so i think we are fine
  15. Defenallty depends on the cost but i'd try aquire too if he is as good as advirestesed as you say because he really does sound like the type of RHD we need right now
  16. I mean our biggest needs off the top of my are a top 4 Dman and a 3rd line center thats very managble with what he as to work with,
  17. Thats really not that true depending on if beagle is ltrietried or who seattle takes benning could have around anywhere from 6-12 mill to work with outside the hughes and pettersson contracts
  18. Very True i know both of these guys are LHD but they could also be a great fit with Schidmt if Edler retires this year, Ryan Graves and Jamie Oleksiak are both guys that good in their own zone that i feel would really help the blue line
  19. Oh i 100% agree i just think right now thats our big offseason move as he's been linked to us lots, i'd love for us to bring back Hamonic and a guy like David Savard would be supper nice, Can't say i know to much about Cal Foote to have an opionon on him but that being said i'd love to use some of that space to get another RHD that a team might lose to Seattle
  20. In terms of competing for a playoff spot yes, also having lots of your top 6 out for a parts of the year is a real issue, really with the season what could go wrong went wrong i do expect us to competing for 2nd in the pacific next year, i could see us getting a guy like rinheart this offseason to boost the top 6 even farther, get a guy like wendbreg in FA and the team is set, i think the majoirty of peaices are here, just need to fill some smaller holes, not to metion Pod is coming over next year with Pettey,Huggy,Demko getting another year of exprince hopefully a fully healthy Pettey and Bro
  21. but had listened to another scout and took Mittelstadt that would be 1000% on him right?
  22. While i agree to that to some point, i think this team is way bettter on paper then what they showed, easily the worst schedule in the league, we are going back to a weaker divison so i see lots to look foward too next year
  23. If you think we will bad next year you are going to be sorely depressed cheering for the kraken
  24. Good, he has built a fantastic core just need some good suporting players more so in the bottom 6 and this team will be a conteder for ages to come
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