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  1. Bezos does not hire people who have not done the job before, and dole out over 560M over 7 years training them. Oh, and that same guy is saying 3 years before contending, that’s a ten year rebuild.
  2. Wouldn’t it be great to have a job that you could screw up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, but on Friday, you can undo all the screw ups, and have everyone in the office think your a hero for saving the week. Seriously, how many hundreds of millions have been spent over the last 7 years training this guy to be a GM. You can like the guy, fill your boots, but calling him a genius? I would gladly take 1% of the money he has squandered.
  3. Just watch, a deal will be struck very quickly with Petey and Hughes, same Agent seeing 10M more bucks on the table. He is going to want to chew into it as much as he can before Benning blows it all by overpaying for a fourth line centre.
  4. Interesting thing, Toronto started their rebuild the same time we did. They iced an AHL Team, won the lottery and got Austin Mathews. What does Canucks ownership do, 1st time President, 1st time General Manager, and two consecutive 1st time Coaches. Look at the powerhouse Toronto has, and both Teams are at the Salary Cap. Clean out the front office already. Listening Aquaman?
  5. If they lose this series against the Flames, it will be -38 in the Canucks front office.
  6. I think what everyone is focusing on is what TT eventually got paid, I would harbour a guess he was asking for a lot more from the Canucks. 11 points in 11 games to end the season? His Agent would have felt he had the upper hand. You combine that with the worse kept secret in the NHL, that Benning overpays for players, I can see both sides not getting what they intended. Does not excuse all the other dud contracts. If players don’t want to be in a hockey mad market like Vancouver, so be it. But we should not have to overpay to get them here. Vancouver ain’t Detroit or Buffalo,
  7. The only time Ferlund stepped up, was in a meaningless scrap in a meaningless game against LA, where he got his bell rung, and he has never been the same ever since. I feel bad for the guy, but Benning signed a guy with known concussion issues, at the same time he was burying Baer for the same reasons. Ferlund is just another one of a long line of cap boat anchors, compliments of Benning.
  8. 7 Years, over 560+ Million spent on players. They did this with a trainee first time President, with a trainee first time GM, with two first time trainee back to back coaches, what the hell is ownership thinking?
  9. What’s they saying, as a GM, fire one Coach because they are the problem, fire two, your the problem. As for Benning’s signing to date, that meal is cooked, it’s what further damage he is capable of doing out of desperation I am concerned about. He has the potential to set this Team back years.
  10. What is sad here, is we actually got a taste of the potential in the Jets game. It’s being fed hope, and then having it needless jerked away, over and over again. I love this team, but Man, they make it hard.
  11. Meyers got brought in at 6M per season, 4M of it because of his size, can anyone tell me if they have ever actually seen him use it, anyone?
  12. As bad as we think we have it as fans, imagine forking out 80+ Million for this Team.
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