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  1. Covid or not isn't it obvious to all British Columbians that health care is rationed in this province? My guess is that 20% of people in my area have no doctor. Interior Health doesn't mandate a waiting list to get a doctor. You could spend the rest of your life in Emergency waiting for health care. This has been going on for decades. Don't talk to me about universal health care. It doesn't exist!
  2. Smiles to much. Enough reason to write the guy off. Trudeau on the other hand is a pilar of virtue. At least do a cursory review of what BS Trudeau has gotten away with in 6 years. Criticize O’Toole’s economics which is fair enough. All the candidates have very sketchy forecast. None have dealt with the full gamete of what Canada is facing. Campaign based on a spending race to buy votes.
  3. Read Raybold’s article in the G&M. Her book soon to be released. The article centered around her 2 meetings with JT before she resigned. Damning indictment of Trudeau’s character.
  4. My family book mentions about 10-11 members who served in the Union army so I have always been interested. The website that lists those who served had 171 with my family name listed. I found that hard to believe as my name is not common. Even had about 20 who served with the Confederacy. Our family book doesn't go into much detail. My American relatives came to Canada between 1887 and 1908. The only reference was post war Missouri. My great grandfather was Morman but didn't get along with Brigham Young. He packed up the family and returned to Missouri from Utah in 1868 to get away from Young.
  5. My 86 year old friend got Covid was in hospital for 1 1/2 weeks on oxygen. He is now out for almost a week but on oxygen at home. He is a tough old bird so looks good for him. He had his two shots prior. His wife got a little sick but not bedridden.
  6. I am going to a CPC get together this afternoon with Deb Gray of Reform era in attendance. I know her slightly. The sitting MP is CPC and would likely be a cabinet member if they form government. I will give them a listen. Can't believe I am saying this.
  7. Well O'Toole has certainly drawn is line in the sand on that question. If he is successful on election day I suspect it will blunt the influence of his detractors. I have tempered my thinking on O'Toole and am starting to wonder if he has a line of thought worth considering. IMHO the slow degradation of the middle class earning power has to be addressed. O'Toole comes from a middle class family and perhaps has a better grasp of that struggle than does Trudeau or Singh who are very affluent.
  8. If it is a tighter outcome the NDP might actually lose some power. A CPC minority with potential Bloc support? In any event if Trudeau is not in control I suspect he will be gone and Carney is brought in. As JT said another election in 18 months no matter who wins.
  9. George Freidman of GeoPolitical Futures wrote an interesting piece years ago about the political impact the Mississippi River had in American history. Specifically the American Civil War was impacted as it led to causes for tension between north and south. Support for emancipation in the north was likely not strong enough for Lincoln to go to war. Freidman's argument was that northern commercial interests were trying to stiffle the growing direct trade between southern agriculture and Europe. The Mississippi River allowed southern agricultural produce, primarily cotton, to be shipped, cheaply,
  10. Why do some people run when threatened and other face their threat? 1/3 of people who go to doctors don't have actual physical problems. They have psychological disorders. How many people got vaccines without any serious investigation of possible risk? On the other side how many people are rejecting vaccines because they don't want to recognize the threat they are facing. Rejection becomes a shield or a hope that the threat will go away. I see the CPC is promising to put more money into mental health and IMHO that is long overdue.
  11. Never forget. What those people did on United Airlines 97 was absolutely heroic. The towers were a horror show. All those people jumping to their deaths.
  12. Apparently the Americans have made big advances in a magnate that might make fusion power feasible. The Apple exec who was heading up their EV program has left the company for Ford. This is being read as negative for Apple's program. My nefarious take is that he is infiltrating Ford prior to a Apple takeover. Ford would be chicken feed to Apple.
  13. Maybe possible. Taxpayer paying again? I converted my wood stove to NG and hot water to NG at a cost of $7000 by the time the line got put in. Now I am told that NG isn't enviro friendly anymore either. At the time I did it I could have gotten a Fortis subsidy to help pay for it. Now I hear you cannot put NG into GVRD new builds.
  14. All things being equal his play in the KHL would be a good gauge. Because of what has happened to him I think he could really learn to bear down or maybe we never hear of him again. Who knows. I will continue to reserve judgement on Jake's off ice issues until more info is released from the investigations. Prejudging someone is not fair. If these accusations are never proven then he was done a disservice. If they are based on fact then he should be charged. From the hockey perspective I am hoping Jake is one of the last prospects that is rushed onto the Canuck roster because the t
  15. Tell me how you will put 4-6 men in a 4x4 crew cab, send them 65 km back into the bush and then have them power up EV Cats and processors to work for a day? Carbon tax will kill multiple resource based companies. Most of this talk is BS but I guess it sells.
  16. A vaccine mandate in any work environment can be justified by management. Private or public.
  17. The last poll out, Nanos, I think has the PPC at 5% and the Greens at 2.5%. I don't consider Bernier crazy. A fiscal conservative who panders a bit to much to the social conservatives.
  18. Amazing isn't it. Access to dental schools are not regulated by government and I don't hear to many stories of people not able to see a dentist. Doctors, however, appear to be a different matter. How can anyone suggest it is nothing more than rationing health care when doctor shortages span 30 years. Seriously? When doctors graduate they get a billing number for the province they reside and then start seeing patients. That costs government lots of money. Would the medical profession and government collude to limit the number of doctors to save money? Every election we hear the sam
  19. Don't know about medicine but my son is a dentist. When foreign dentist come to Canada and want to practice they are evaluated and are accepted, rejected or advised they have to upgrade their skills to practice. My son thought it was a decent enough process and went to school with 3 foreign dentists who had to redo 2 years of dental school. (4 year program) What most people don't realize is that in some cases foreign trained people don't even have access to much of the equipment we have here. They have to get hands on experience and learn techniques. Vetting is justified IMHO.
  20. As a point I see todays CBC poll has the Greens dropping below 3% but still projected to win 1 seat. PPC at 4.3% but no seats projected.
  21. I watched a Rubinstein interview with Dr. Fauci. He was asked which Pres he enjoyed being with the most. He said Bush Sr who he said was a really nice guy. Asked who he achieved the most with and he said Bush Jr. Doctor said Bush called him to the White House and asked what could be done in Africa to fight disease. He said Bush funded efforts in innovations and research in Ebola and HIV. Doctor said Bush saved millions of lives. Great interview look for it on BNN.
  22. When you compare 4.7% against Green Party numbers it is somewhat comparable. As you mentioned it comes down to concentration as far as the ability to elect a member. Greens seem to have a few ke6 areas where they poll in a competitive manner. My take is the PPC is far broader and less likely to elect. 4% was the yardstick for inclusion in the TV debates which the PPC did not make at the time it was taken. It will be a gong show anyway but if the Greens are allowed on the stage then the PPC should be as well. Bernier can bring up unpopular ideas to discuss but isn’t that the whole poi
  23. People have short memories. In the financial crisis of 2008 millions of Americans lost their homes. Many Americans got mortgages without serious review of their ability to pay those mortgages. It is different this time in the sense that people are buying homes at mortgage rates that are at all time lows. The enhanced scrutiny mandated to determine affordability by using a +2% factor over the existing rate does prevent over leverage by some people. In the scenario of significant inflation the cost of living puts personal finance in jeopardy. Canadian public hold $2.4 trillion of personal debt.
  24. If not a default then massive inflation S.America style. Inflation leading to default.
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