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  1. Season opener was great for Holtby. We already know how good he is but u never know how his game will be, especially on a new team, untill u actually see it. Very happy to see him this good. Excellent performance.
  2. perfect start for a sniper..... this is exactly what u want from a natural goascorer. hope he gets in the zone and gets a streak going.
  3. "there can be only one...." yeahh that was an impressive debut. I have seen him play in the SHL so i know he has qualities and great potential even if he never produced in the same pace as EP40 did. But he definetly stepped up and it was very exciting to see him play the way he did, skating and working hard in the battles for the puck, and his great skating and technique. The passing was stellar and created great chances. Its like having another Petey even if Highlander doesnt have quite the same IQ. But with this i think we have another player that can pass the puck and create chances for his teammates with his creativity. Very very excited to see his progress and if this was just a fluke or if he really is this good already. i mean seriously......First Boeser, then Petey, then hughes....and now Hoglander. This is insanely good.
  4. Hoglanders been looking real good all game...first game...first getting some petey vibes here.
  5. some english subtitled clips from an interview from a swedish sports magazine.
  6. ahhh Finally gamenight again..covid everywhere but tonight its finally hockey again......Concern ofc that miller is out of the lineup being a top line player top point player and overall hard working forward. Very excited for Hoglander to get a chance from the get go being a very talented player in the SHL and aparently is ready for the NHL. Interesting to see schmidt with Edler also on the D since Stecher and Tanev are both gone. Hope Jake continues to evovle and most likely will be on the 1st line with Petey and brock. Also looking for ward to watching some Petey magic on the ice, to see him take the next step in his evolution to greatness.
  7. calling a substitutioner trash? hes battling like everyone else and hes done some goood things also. However if ur inconsistent and end up in a bad skid with loss of confidence u got to choose who looks the most hungry or the best. from day to day this can change unless u got some defined role to fill. I dont mind seeing him back bur if he doesnt perform at his optimum level he shouldnt be the first choice in the lineup.
  8. I agree. Fantenberg has been ok but also some misstakes which almost seems to be a lack of sharpness. Id like to see Benn in a game or 2. Alternate pending on how they look at practice.
  9. Im also pleasantly surprised by him. Took him as a Reserve but now i wouldnt be surprised if he knocks stecher or Benn out when Edler returns. Few mistakes and a decent passing play and positioning. Not all can be a 4th forward extraordinaire like Huggybear, so to see a reserve play like this makes him a great addition.
  10. Myers-Edler QH-Tanev Benn-Stecher Fantenberg Well...if anyone gets injured *coughtanevcough* he will definetly get to prove his worth. D is actually looking pretty decent this year. Thank god. Hope it improves the opening passes from D to Forwards that are moving in speed. I still have nightmares about that after watching some of the games last year
  11. A new face on the roster, instead of biega whom i thought would have been the reserve. Fantenberg is that good already? must have been doing something right during training camp, so this is an interesting addition.