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  1. Agreed. He and Panarin are just filthy atm. Poor team in general the Rangers, especially on D, but with these two they always have the chance of outgunning the opposition. Happy for Mika. Top bloke who didn't quite manage to put it together for some years.Now he's better that I ever would've thought.
  2. William Nylander is finally starting to earn his big contract. 12 goals in the last 15 games and at his current production looks likely to break 80 pts for the season. He is an electrifying player at his best as us Swedes know well from his international play. Nice to see him show it more often in the NHL.
  3. Loui is not the player he once was but don’t forget he used to consistently put up 30 goals and 70 points a season, without ever being a flashy play driver. He got all those goals mainly by being smart and at the right place at the right time. Buried on a gritty, blue collar 4th line getting 5-10 min a game he’s never gonna put up numbers, though he’ll still do a professional job. With Bo on the second line at least he’s got the opportunity and lo and behold, he’s not doing too bad. Don’t know why people on here have such a grudge against Loui. Seems like a nice fellow. Not his fault the Canucks gave him a big contract. And he’s a hockey player, he wants to play hockey,
  4. 30 + goals and 80 + points as a plus player would be a very respectable sophomore season for Elias and I think that’s reasonable to expect. Would be delighted with that. Year after this he can aim at 90+
  5. Credit to Deb and Alf for being early in the EP love! 20 goals now in 42 games. Improvement!
  6. 11-20 Pastrnack (kinda regret not including him in the top ten) Ovechkin (see above) Mathews Pettersson Johnny Hockey Zibanejad Barkov O’Reilly Scheifele Bergeron
  7. Yeah I’d value Malkin above Draisaitl too, my list wasn’t really numbered, though generally the players I thought of first were the biggest stars. Marchand is a dirty rat no doubt but in terms of impact at both ends, not least in the play offs, he belongs on the list imo. I included Panarin ahead of the likes of Pastrnak and Ovechkin also because of his massive impact in all parts of the game. Made CBJs into a contender almost single handedly and now at NYRs he’s made them at least relevant. Very smart, skilled and consistent player.
  8. Not really. Only room for ten. They are near misses though.
  9. Kinda curious who you guys consider to be the top ten forwards in the NHL right now (can be currently injured), all things considered. Off the top of my head here’s my list (in no particular order) McDavid Draisaitl MacKinnon Malkin Crosby Eichel Marchand Panarin Kutcherov Kane
  10. Yes this has been my general impression while watching Elias as Vancouver. Apart from not wanting to say something. Either you see a pass or you dont. It seldom about not wanting it. But a few quality line mates and a bit more swagger is what Elias needs.
  11. Situational awareness is something that is hard to develop. You can train to be stronger, faster, to shoot better, but that instant decision making that top players have is not really trainable, you either have it or you don’t. JV doesn’t and never will. EP does and can become as good as McKinnon, all he needs is a bit more swagger.
  12. Maybe so. It just looked so deliberate, and the way he chipped gently in the air made it seem special. Ugly but beautiful play.
  13. Bad game. But Petey scoring off J.T. Millers leg/hip was an incredibly creative play. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.
  14. I know he doesnt shoot that much. Partly because of his style of play, he doesn’t shoot unless he thinks he has a good chance of scoring. Nevertheless needs to shoot more. Especially on our PP. Petey’s probably the best sniper on the team and his one-timers are deadly. Yet it seems there’s no plan or effort to set him up for them. Weird I think...
  15. I agree that he seems a little bit tight, a little within himself. He has the tools to do more if he could regain that almost arrogant confidence top players always have. But yes that seems somewhat lacking now. He doesn’t shoot enough and doesn’t take on his man enough at full speed. And he has to get more one-timers set up on the PP! Really don’t know why this isn’t getting done? With Brook on one side and Petey on the other our first unit we should be deadly.