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  1. would any of you think. St louis would take say... garland+Pearson+Myers+2022 1st rd pick+jet woo+linus Karlsson for Tarasenko and Parakyo? i know Tarasenko is still recovering from his shoulder injury! i know its a gamble! but id bet he be worth it in the end! his shoulder is getting stronger everyday! its been 3 years since his shoulder surgery! it takes time and rehabilitation to get his strength back! its only a matter of time before he puts up those numbers again! hes scored 30+ five times in 9 seasons! 3 of those seasons cut short because of his injury! hes 29 years old hes st
  2. i dont know bout you guys! but i think were in a ugly stalemate yet again!
  3. lets be a contender again & go for it! like exactly how we did with toffoli and tanev! remember deep playoff run not long ago! that team when we had with balance on defence and offence! with colton and Tarasenko it is def possible to go the distance once again! balance!
  4. i like it... id take it. but will the blues? your proposal evaluation is not too far off. but why not just go all in? aquire Colton Parayko aswell? same proposal just add pearson, myers, 1st, 3rd draft picks with couple prospects like woo and karlsson. for Taransenko and Parayko. gamble time.
  5. if petey looking for 11 million. thats telling me he doesn't want to be in vancouver anymore he doesnt believe in the system. that hes only looking out for his own interest, which is understandable. which also i dont see. hes def not worth 11 mill mayb 8-9 i can see him taking a pay cut too like Nathan McKinnon. just need the right assets too. not to sure about the now with this squad imo. gm needs to make better decisions signing wise. with the right players and terms. benning did pretty good this off season getting rid of some dead weight contracts. but doesn't help himself with a repeat of
  6. To Van Vladimir Tarasenko + Colton Parayko To Stl Tyler Myers + Tanner Pearson + Ollie Juolevi + Linus Karlsson and our 2022 1st rd pick this trade works good for both clubs for the better. helps us cap wise. and were giving something back to St. louis towards their rebuild. the gamble here is Vladimir. with his shoulder injuries. its been two years since his surgery. do we gamble his health for our top six forward pairing as a benefit? our top 9 forward pairing would be complete if tarasenko shoulder holds up. it could benefit us tremendously. for horvats line sake.
  7. im really puzzled on this signing... this one i just dont get! wasted money that could have went elsewhere.
  8. And still be snipping top Cheds! This guy will be shooting pucks just as hard/accurate whens hes 45! The man an absolute BEAST!
  9. Colton and Vladimir! Get it done! Bye bye Schmidt! & Good riddance lolol
  10. We can have the best defence in the show 100! The question is though. how many of those one goal games do you think we will win? Will it get us a championship? Look at the Tampa! They have a complete team with balance! Deadly on the front just as good on the back with a damn good tender. We should follow those traits! Not just concentrating on defence! Even though defence would look great! seems pretty tiring/boring to me;) does look good though. Think we need more help on offence yet. Imho
  11. I think raises should be earned not given. I also think we definitely need more scoring touch on this team, for Bos line. I just dont see it yet with the our current squad. Defence looks great though! Still need to score goals to win more games imho. I think Tarasenko or even Kuzzy could help out in that department.
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