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  1. I don’t expect this team to win too much with everything that’s happened to them, but the reaction, or lack there of, to larsons hit on Hughes is a major concern
  2. If juolevi isn’t back in after this $&!# show then I don’t know what to say.
  3. Not saying we’re playing even remotely well, but we should’ve been on the pp when that goal went in. Worst refs this year.
  4. The annoying thing is this team has shown that they can beat anyone, but when they’re bad they are BAD. Very frustrating
  5. Yeah something tells me we’re pretty easy to figure out. Probably in more aspects than just our zone exits. Something needs to change
  6. This is one of the most pathetic periods of hockey I’ve ever seen. Green better rip into these guys in the intermission.
  7. What the &^@# is that call? and the no call on that hit from behind?
  8. Solid effort all around. Demko amazing as usual and if Virtanen could play like that every night that would be great! Also hopefully Michaelis and Hawryluk here to stay
  9. Plays a bang average at best goaltender in Holtby after a Demko shutout last game. Scratches arguably our most consistent defenseman this season in Juolevi for the likes on Myers, Hamonic, Benn, etc. Plays roussell over literally anybody. Green showing yet again why he’s nowhere near an nhl caliber coach.
  10. There’s no way in hell Montreal should be firing their coach and not us.
  11. I’ve seen some really bad Canucks teams over the years, but this is by far the most disappointed I’ve ever been in them. At least the team’s in the past put in &^@#ing effort.
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