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  1. Zadina doesn’t like to be embarrassed by a 5’7” player. LOL
  2. I will remind you that Vancouver each year travels the most of all teams. Also you use the islanders as an example, 2 teams are in the same city as them, rangers and devils. Also they dont go out of their time zone for most of the year. Whatever the Nucks still played a good game.
  3. How about the NHL stop back to back games. While the home team is at home resting.
  4. Have they corrected the spelling of Chiassons name on the back of his sweater? LOL
  5. LA looked real good last night with Danault as their second line center. Which will free up Kopatar. Who got a hat trick last night. They blew out Vegas. I think LA is going to suprise people in how good they are.
  6. Good Game! Over time always a toss up. Get um next time.
  7. I’m glad everyone is so negative. That tells me we really have a great team!
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