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  1. madden is gonna be a no buddy and no point keeping someone that doesnt want to be a canuck....
  2. i think its the fact all the fans already think demko is god tier goalie level now they are faced with the reality he isnt as good as people been hyping up to be.
  3. watching our players stand around in our zone clueless watching the sens skate around and make plays happen has to be on coaching to some degree. i mean who the hell is teaching or telling our entire team to do this?
  4. there is hustling and then there is skating around out there doing not much of anything. he was bad just like the rest of the team tonight. another classic example of this canucks team that gets a big win against a top team and feels they can coast to some easy wins on garbage teams.. sadly i think we will continue to see this till we have a coach that doesnt let it happen, clearly horvat isnt leading the team away from it happening.
  5. his coaching style is a whole new level of passive collapse
  6. yeah them gaudette turn overs in our own end were pretty beautiful.
  7. or dont take things so seriously?... i mean i cant be the only one that gets frustrated with pettersson?.. or is it only okay to rag on horvat tonight?
  8. haha was seeing what kinda reaction that could get.
  9. the simple fact he hasnt done anything. other then stick handling himself out of having the puck and skating around the perimeter. this game he seems to be just a glorified mason raymond
  10. oh sorry i was giving an example to back up my point.... but pettersson is god here so noone never dare say anything even slightly criticizing him