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  1. dude was a premadona for sure, crying that noone was pumping his tires to the media. him not shutting up and playing hockey is why we lost the cup
  2. the problem with jake is constantly being scared to make the wrong move and be benched. so he second guesses everything out there.
  3. nail in the coffin should have been when this brilliant intellect that is travis green decided to take hogs off the second line who clearly has been the hardest working player and playmaker on that line to insert Eriksson into the second line... how? just how do you do that?. talk about ruining a kids mental game. "hey kid you are doing great but yeah not as good as some 35 year old washed up bum that signed here only to ride into the sunset and never try again". dude gets paid alot of money to be so oblivious.
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