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  1. dude was a premadona for sure, crying that noone was pumping his tires to the media. him not shutting up and playing hockey is why we lost the cup
  2. the problem with jake is constantly being scared to make the wrong move and be benched. so he second guesses everything out there.
  3. nail in the coffin should have been when this brilliant intellect that is travis green decided to take hogs off the second line who clearly has been the hardest working player and playmaker on that line to insert Eriksson into the second line... how? just how do you do that?. talk about ruining a kids mental game. "hey kid you are doing great but yeah not as good as some 35 year old washed up bum that signed here only to ride into the sunset and never try again". dude gets paid alot of money to be so oblivious.
  4. madden is gonna be a no buddy and no point keeping someone that doesnt want to be a canuck....
  5. i think its the fact all the fans already think demko is god tier goalie level now they are faced with the reality he isnt as good as people been hyping up to be.
  6. watching our players stand around in our zone clueless watching the sens skate around and make plays happen has to be on coaching to some degree. i mean who the hell is teaching or telling our entire team to do this?
  7. there is hustling and then there is skating around out there doing not much of anything. he was bad just like the rest of the team tonight. another classic example of this canucks team that gets a big win against a top team and feels they can coast to some easy wins on garbage teams.. sadly i think we will continue to see this till we have a coach that doesnt let it happen, clearly horvat isnt leading the team away from it happening.
  8. his coaching style is a whole new level of passive collapse
  9. yeah them gaudette turn overs in our own end were pretty beautiful.
  10. or dont take things so seriously?... i mean i cant be the only one that gets frustrated with pettersson?.. or is it only okay to rag on horvat tonight?
  11. the simple fact he hasnt done anything. other then stick handling himself out of having the puck and skating around the perimeter. this game he seems to be just a glorified mason raymond
  12. oh sorry i was giving an example to back up my point.... but pettersson is god here so noone never dare say anything even slightly criticizing him
  13. he can undress goalies with dekes on break aways yet decides to shoot the puck in the goalies chest. not to mention all his cross ice passes tonight that are hitting sticks and going no where... kids good but refuses to play a simple game when things arent working out. but eh maybe its the guy on the bench telling the team to play that way
  14. Man when Pettersson is bad. Hes really bad. Hopefully this isn't glimpses of what the future holds
  15. every single pp goal we score is by fluke it seems. the only reason why have so many goals is because we have so many chances. its the most infuriating thing about this team, watching how lazy slow and unmotivated they are on the powerplay. how the hell can you "make them pay" on the power play when you dont even put 5% more effort in.
  16. yeah whats the same same since then? brown. maybe he has a bigger part coaching this team then any of us know or like... honestly i have no clue how he still has a job at this point.
  17. agreed Green isnt a fan of an overly aggressive leading the charge style of game. just look at his NHL career sure he had a long on but that was by being a bit of a NPC player just fading in doesnt stand out good or bad.. that and it seems they are trying to play a 2011 style canucks game again. i wonder if brown has much to do with the "make them pay on the powerplay" mind set.
  18. it doesnt matter who comes here man, like others have said they get toughness coached out of them right away. we see it time and time and time again. vancouver isnt a tough team they have no desire to build a tough team. and most of this fan base wont accept a tough team. its not snowflaky enough for the west coast life style.
  19. dude that is not a very solid excuse. they are damn professionals the only thing they have to care about is being ready to play and play well. thats why they are paid millions. so teams should expect to loose because they are playing on the road?
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