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  1. Try copying the link directly to your post. Don't bother with the HTML/Embed functions
  2. I refuse to concede! I demand a recount! We're Canada, and we don't lose hockey! AHHHHHHH!
  3. He won't be at training camp. He's in Manitoba until he feels right.
  4. The way Podkolzin's leg was stretched looked like he was avoiding a groin or knee injury to me, tbh. You feel something get stretched a bit too far, and the body just reacts to it. But yes, there was a lot of little dirty plays throughout. Nice to see our 2 prospects talking about being roommates in Van. Never knew how much of a pest Costmar is, I like it
  5. Goal differential matters for a tie-breaker, if needed. They stopped the goal celebrations after 6. That's about all they can do. A score like this on a depleted, tired line-up against a stacked, perennial powerhouse was inevitable, and I personally feel they could have put a couple more goals up in the last 10 mins.
  6. So when does he report to Kalamazoo?
  7. Could that possibly have something to do with several teams in close proximity to each other near the eastern seaboard, rather than an NHL scheme?
  8. Korczak, Zary, Spence, and Schneider are the only ones without a point. I assume the goalies as well.
  9. WJC record for goals in a game by the same team: 21-4, Czech over Latvia in 1980.