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  1. They have to wait until his current KHL deal expires on April 30th before we can sign him.
  2. 99% chance it was Sutherland. You can hear the other guy saying "yeah, I know" while Peel is talking. I don't think that's the kind of thing you talk about outside of the "wall of striped silence"
  3. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/video/horvat-leaves-game-injury-taking-edler-slapshot-off-foot/
  4. Yeah, it's a bit weird. But it runs until the end of the contract year because his bday is past June 30th.
  5. If you hover over his must sign by date, it runs until june 30th '22, so we have a bit more time than it would suggest.
  6. He's 3rd on the team in hits (63), and his offensive numbers have been increasing every year before this season, with a couple more until he should be peaking. He's a solid 3rd/fringe 2nd liner when he's on. BTW, I don't think anyone expects him to play up to his draft position this far into his career. He was a "top 6 pick" in a draft 6 years ago... get over it.
  7. Signing bonuses only. From capfriendly: Not all players are eligible for Performance Bonuses, and to receive a bonus within their contract, a player must meet one of the following criteria: The player is on an entry-level contract. The player has signed a one-year contract and is over 35 years old. The player has signed a one-year contract after returning from a long-term injury (has played 400 or more games, and spent 100 or more days on the Injured Reserve in the last year of their most recent contract).
  8. If they're proven guys, don't you think they should be held just as accountable as Jake because they should know better than to make numerous, unforced, defensive turnovers?
  9. I guess you didn't pay attention for the first half of the year when no one but Höglander showed up to play
  10. He hasn't exactly f***ed up any more than the rest of the team. Seems you're looking for any mistake to criticize him on, and you can literally do that with any other Canuck. Edler screened Holtby twice on goals against, Miller gave the puck up in his own zone and gave up a good scoring chance without even trying to get back in the play, Hughes gambles on his pinches too often, Sutter can't seem to ever get the puck out of his own zone, etc... could go on for days.
  11. How about, single 10 min 3 vs 3, and if at the end of that it's still a tie, no points for either team.
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