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  1. I expect a big bounce back game Score: 6-1 Van GWG: Podkolzin SOG: Van
  2. Hunt is only filling in as LD bottom pair replacement until Hughes is back in the lineup, It's Schenn and Burroughs competing for the 3rd pair RD
  3. That's the problem, their entire system is a passive one. The setup itself isn't exactly the flaw, but it's the lack of aggression/energy/movement involved that stands out to me. Challenge and attack the puck carrier to force a rushed play in your own zone. Constantly move around the offensive zone to pull your opponents out of position, and open up passing lanes, instead of just sitting there in the same 6' diameter of ice, handling the puck for too long before trying a high risk pass or letting off a shin-pad seeking missile. Battle in front of the net, and create some chaos to make life difficult for their D-men and goalie. And finish your checks!
  4. To counter that article (from oct 8th): https://www.cbc.ca/sports/ontario-full-capacity-arenas-1.6205752 Raptors, Maple Leafs, Senators cleared by province to host full-capacity crowds Seems Vancouver is the only team without full capacity now
  5. Each player has a line fit. If you go to their player stat card screen and hit right bumper (xbox) a couple times, it'll show where their best fit in the lineup is, based on your coaches strategies. Also, player types have an effect as well.
  6. Nothing against the dude as a person, and I respect his struggles with mental health and addiction, but... "I didn't know the flying skate was a flying skate until 4-5 years ago..." C'mon Corey! Really?
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