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  1. Boeser shot is maybe even better than the one he showed in his rookie year. Great to see him be a difference maker again.
  2. Solid goaltending + great energy + Boeser shot = very good Canucks team
  3. Not an overreaction post, just a statement. Still two periods of hockey, enough time to change the momentum. Let's go!
  4. Quick recap: Dem-GOAT Rest of the team - not so much Still, a win is a win.
  5. - European friendly game time (1am on Saturday night is good) - Jim Hughson called it. - Canucks win - Just swept the best team (based on points) in the league. Best moment of the season so far for me.
  6. Boeser led NHL in goals. Hughes led all dman in points and assist. And still, this team is painfully struggling.
  7. I’m reading (not here) a lot of comparison with 2015/2017 teams in terms of poor performances: you can’t compare lack of talent with lack of effort / attitude / confidence. And it’s clear what is worse.
  8. I don't think I've ever seen this type of passiveness by a Canucks' team in 10+ years. 2015/2017 seasons were bad because of the lack of talent. Not because of the effort. This is a different situation. It's hard to accept because we've seen what this core is capable of. Five months ago, not five years.
  9. At least next game will not be against Sidney Toffoli or Martin Dominik Roberto Maelstrom.
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