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  1. How did people disagree with me when I wasn’t even a forum member at the time of the signing? And sorry but you must be thinking of someone else as I did not name call you and merely quoted what silver said. And maybe you should be a bit more open to others opinions. It’s literally all I’m saying by quoting a few posts to which you’re being difficult about.
  2. No, I didn’t call you that. I quoted @Silver Ghost who said that in the latter part of his post. And I don’t have to say much. The proof is in the thread which people can see for themselves. It’s more so about how you treat/look down on others for siding with caution on certain moves.
  3. About the latter, I think it’s fair to say others such as me feel like certain people are the douches when they act the way they do at the beginning. Nice little way for it to come full circle if you ask me. Trust me because they’re always the ones pretending as if their words are holy gospel and others can’t go against it. That’s really all I’m trying to get at. Maybe this helps them come to an understanding for future reference?
  4. Just doing a little friendly bump here and what do ya know? Yet again, it’s the usual suspects who are so tunnel visioned that they turn a blind eye to risks associated with moves. (ON - the same guy who said he’d take Brett Connolly for $5m recently - says in the last quote he’d have been happy with Colborne or Martin AKA buyout worthy players ) ...you can copy-paste the same things they said here for the Myers signing. Or/and the JT Miller value we gave up. But I’ll give credit where credit is due such as the Ferland contract which was a steal so props to JB for that. It’s why you need some decent hockey (common) sense when talking about signings and such or else this is what you turn out to look like. It’s about both sides of the coin, not just your pro-Canucks take like these when there’s obvious risk involved which they won’t acknowledge. FWIW, happy birthday Loui !
  5. Questionable move by Binnington/his agent when he could’ve easily just cashed in. ...doesn’t make sense. Didn’t take money and/or term when the ball was 100% in his court.
  6. How? LOL. They get rid of an overpaid 3C when they already have the best 1-2 centre combo in the league. Kerfoot or Spezza fill in and are more than capable of a 3rd line role....and yea, they got that little thing which is a top pair dman which don’t just grow on trees. Kadri’s/3C’s do. Oh, and they shed cap and improved their team balance. Dunno what more (re?)evaluating needs to be done but ok.
  7. Or it’s just that Dubas made a great trade? Lol. I wish people had the same accountability for some of JB’s trades/moves that they give to other GMs when the Leafs find success. You can literally see the prejudice and flip-flopping. ...as for the trade, god damn Dubas is a legend. How he’s able to pull a trade off like this is remarkable. 1.) he’s not in a position of power 2.) he upgraded his defence 3.) he sheds cap space 4.) improves the overall balance of the team. Incredible that he was able to check all those boxes in one trade while not having to overpay. Barrie becomes their 2nd best dman and a considerable upgrade to help the backend. They legitimately just added a top pairing dman for dirt cheap. People see it as a rental...I wouldn’t be so sure to right off Dubas this Quick. I will definitely be giving him the benefit of the doubt and wouldn’t at all shock me if he was able to lock up Barrie and keep him as part of the plans moving forward. He’s just that good. I miss the days when we had a GM being capable of being so fluent in trades.
  8. Idk if it’s just me but Myers is giving me a lot of Jason Garrison feelings. 2nd pair dman barely (#4 dman), overpaid, & doesn’t at all look like it will be a contract that will run it’s full course. ...hoping Myers can play some great hockey to make that price tag worthwhile. Don’t hate the player, that’s anyone’s dream to make as much bank possible. Blame the guy who handed the AAV. Technically I guess it wasn’t terrible for free agent market standards but nonetheless it is a sure overpayment for someone getting paid that much when he’s just able to hang in there to fill in a 2nd pair spot.
  9. Ya’ll alive @Stamkos @dough teeth @Lewitelli @Zhukini @BM24 @Gimmix @milk and honey @kj29 @Nickoloi @Vrienzy @inane @rowe19 @Carlutch98 @morrissex95 @CanucksCountry @Dion Phaneuf @ThaManbeast @paellaparade @Free-Unit @Mr. Quacks @TheMagicMan @Zfetch @Jaku @Tanev @WalkWithElias40 @Time Lord @Master Mind @dannyo98
  10. Credit where credit is due - JB with a steal of a contract here. Impressive. Ferland is a versatile top 6 forward who can be bumped anywhere from the 1st to 3rd line and still be effective. ...classic case of another JB mystery box move except this time he gets the better end of a signing.
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