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  1. He's too good for the q. That won't teach him the defensive side of the game or playing against men to fast track his development. The q is the worst league for development. He needs to come to Abby/ sent to ECHL (if there is one) or the khl.
  2. Yeah I can't seem to find it anywhere saying if youre drafted by a chl team, you have to play there coming over. But I mean if he doesn't have to I'd love to see him in Abby/ ECHL learning the NA game playing against men, as he's filled out and ready for the challenge .
  3. I'd love to snag broissot . Local kid , kills us when ever we play him, fairly young still(for a goalie)@ 28, Cheap. And of course.. we have Ian Clark to make him even better.
  4. Being a European draft pick, can he come over and play AHL/ECHL ? Or the fact that he was drafted in the chl import draft means he has to play for them if he comes over ?
  5. Lets goooo this kid is a beauty. A spark plug bulldog that buries it. Stooked. Him and hoggie are gunna be hounds on the puck. And pods we just got a $&!# load better
  6. Order in the cot . Little bro tough luck hahaha
  7. True, but going to a new team that sees you as their key shut down center and pker, and will prolly want you to work specifically on draws. I imagine you go hard to fix that. Maybe that's just me, but faceoffs are something you can 100% progress on
  8. You do realise that faceoffs are a skill that can be coached and progressed on right ? This kid is one of the better pkers in the league, 26 years old and CHEAP!! Nothing ever pleases some of you.
  9. Exactly...that's why I'm stumped by this , unless they want Highmore in Utica ( we need centers in the a) I am excited to see what lind can do in his spot.
  10. Definitely stumped by this one but have to think the nucks brass thinks Kole kind is ready and has waay more jam then gauds. Still don't really get this move.
  11. Kid is a gamer ! Happy to see the hard work out in the summer paying dividends. What a steal.
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