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  1. I said this so many times last year, and I find myself saying it again after tonight’s game… Hoglander is just awesome! Such a great blend of tenacity and skill. Lammikko looked solid as well. It’s only been one game but might have just landed a very good 4th line C with that trade. I personally prefer Sutter on the wing, so when he comes back I hope Lammikko manages to hold down the 4th line C spot. Podz looked pretty good in what little ice time he did have. I was actually shocked to see he only played 7:34 because he was noticeable every time he was on the ice. OEL improves our D greatly. I just think he’s a well balanced, overall good defenseman. Pettersson was absolutely electric tonight. It’s shocking (pun intended lol) that he didn’t end up with any points.
  2. I was really impressed with Lammikko against the oilers today. I know it’s just one game, but I’m feeling very encouraged by this trade now.
  3. This! A thousand times this! Gadj has the hands to develop into a possible second liner. Mac will never be more than a fringe third liner IMO.
  4. I’ve thought the exact same thing. I get why he’s doing this, but I would really like to see him give Horvat a proper look with players not named Pearson. I really like Pearson, but just not on the second. He’s more of a third line winger IMO.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Some very excited and much needed fresh blood in our lineup this year. Poolman looked very steady as well. I think he plays the perfect type of game to compliment our offensively skilled left d-men. Smart signing by GMJB.
  6. Great period by many Canucks, but hands down Gadj, Mikey, and OEL stood out for me. OEL looks like the newer, better Edler. And that’s say a ton because honestly Edler was one of the best defensemen in Canuck history.
  7. If Hughes holds out into the regular season, Rathbone could have a great opportunity to truly showcase himself in a bunch of situations, including the PP
  8. You’re on fire! First “Krak house” and now this lol! Props!
  9. Then sign the guy already. Lol. They should’ve been focussed on that the moment the season ended.
  10. I remember watching Barzal fall in their laps several drafts back. It blew my mind then that that insanely talented kid fell back to them back then, and it blows my mind that they managed to snag Raty in the mid second round this draft. Good job Isles!
  11. It’s crazy that Raty is still on the board. I can’t help but think that one of the 8 teams ahead of us will snatch him though. Same with Morrow.
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