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  1. Agreed. But the Canucks are still trying to compensate for Gillis' inept drafting, so I see why they didn't pull the trigger on that. Zegras is just so creative. He and Pettersson would just be dynamite together. No one on the Canucks can match Pettersson's IQ, creativity and puck skills to truly complement him. However down the line, Zegras could potentially force the Canucks to trade Horvat and that would be a monster return that compensates for losing a 2nd round pick.
  2. Madden will outgrow that title as well.
  3. I can already see DiPietro being the #1 goalie in the playoffs. This kid always seems to find an extra gear when the pressure is on and there's a championship on the line.
  4. I honestly don't see Gaudette being damaged the way Virtanen was by being gifted an NHL spot at 19. He's shown more competitiveness and maturity in this preseason than I've seen compared to Virtanen in 2015.
  5. Likely got the chance because Rogle was a bit of a basement dweller in the SHL. They finished second last in 2017 and fourth last in 2018. They kinda became a mid-pack team this year with a 6th last finish. Probably for the best that he was on a poor team and didn't light it up since he fell to us at 40.
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