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  1. I was going to put Toronto in 7, I feel like they've got the better chance to win this, but I'm also feeling a 7 game series, and if that's the case, the smarter bet would probably be Montreal in 7, which is my pick. I've watched them blow too many game 7s over the years to be able to have any confidence in them doing it right this time. Prove me wrong Leafs!
  2. While the deal is clearly not a 'win', definitely one of those ones where we'll have to wait and see. Basically, it's a question of whether or not we ended up picking up another Motte type of player. If we did, then I think the trade is beneficial for us. And if not, well it opens up a roster spot for another young forward challenging for a roster spot. And it also depends on other trades that might happen and who Seattle picks from us in the expansion draft. As for Gaudette, wish him all the best. Looks like management is gambling that he'll become another Virtanen type and doesn
  3. Canucks 5-1 Miller Winner Canucks Score First
  4. Thank gosh, so glad they got this after that game. Would've been SO mad if Calgary cheated that one out!
  5. Well, let's see how the team looks when they've had more than day of rest. Really would love to see them end this streak.
  6. Both, but it's Calgary instead. April 8th
  7. Honestly the worst part of a game like this is knowing we're seeing them again tomorrow. But who knows, a better start could go a long way. Just don't give up a goal within the first couple minutes and don't gift them another shorthanded goal. Maybe tell them to treat this like an elimination game, I mean Montreal is up 3-1 on us this season, and Demko will be in net, he's been pretty good at those so far.
  8. Another multi goal game for Boeser! Incredible, Also, this is easily the best game this season for the team.
  9. Wow, has it really been 4 years since our last win against the Jets. I knew it was bad, but I could have sworn we'd gotten a shootout win somewhere in there. That game I'm thinking of must have been even further back. Anyway, this is one of the more important team matchups that needs to start trending in another direction for the Canucks to do well this season. We either learn how to beat the Jets some of the time, like I'm talking get at least 3-4 wins out of them, or playoffs are going to be quite the reach.
  10. I would be so frustrated if I were an Ottawa fan watching that 5 on 3.
  11. Well that was quite the roller coaster of emotions for the last few seconds of that period
  12. 4-3 Canucks, Pearson with the game winner. I was considering 5-3, but they're still missing their EN specialist.
  13. I really just hope that Petey plays a strong game tonight. Even if he doesn't score I want to see him stand out defensively, like putting that speed to use and back checking hard. Goals are going to come for him, he'll break through this slump, I just want to see him stand out in other ways because when he's been great defensively in games, things will go our way more often than not.
  14. So far, this is the first game I'm really starting to notice Juolevi. He's looked pretty good so far, liked I've seen from him on the penalty kill. Would love if he can keep it up and work his way into a full time role.
  15. Ok, let's get this out there. Canucks finish third in the division. Miller and Pettersson will score 30+ goals. Hoglander will have 25+ points Canucks win Stanley Cup with Loui Eriksson scoring the Cup winning goal as his only goal in the playoffs.
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