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  1. Can't wait for "Nate Schmidt being dealt very soon any minute now just another second"
  2. For Montreal to stand any sort of chance at winning the series, they're likely going to need to steal 1 or 2 games 1-0. Even when Tampa's offense is a bit down, Vasilevsky can carry them through games.
  3. Montreal is 5-1 over Vegas all time in the regular season, Vegas actually had more wins against Montreal in this series than in their entire history.
  4. Exactly the kind of game Montreal needs to stand a chance this series. Wasn't perfect, almost allowed Vegas to steal it in the end, but they made it in the end. See if they can string some similar games together, they'll need to.
  5. Well I was behind on the recording watching the 2nd intermission, considering I just got this notification, I can guess there won't be a miracle comeback. XD Wow, not doing too bad on the predictions.
  6. Wow, after Game 1 I was thinking my prediction of Knights in 6 was pretty far off, yet here they are with the chance to do it. Not particularly invested in one team over the other, but it's been a fun series to watch.
  7. hahahahahahahahaha, I'm mad that this entire series played out 100% EXACTLY AS I IMAGINED IT WOULD. HOW ARE YOU SO PREDICTABLE TORONTO?! HOW?!
  8. Yeah, think I may have made a mistake on my guess of this series. If Colorado doesn't suffer any major setbacks, I'll be amazed if this series gets past 5.
  9. If this were any other team with that kind of talent, I am sure they would have won the series 4-1, 4-2. But Toronto is still managing to repeat history consistently, it really is a sight to behold! XD
  10. This is about as Canucks a game as you can get and I love it. I'm at a stage where it doesn't matter to me which way they games go, if they lose, yay better draft pick. If they win, hey I feel way better after a win anyway. Either way, I love watching the Canucks score goals, I love comebacks, this game was hilarious to watch. And of course we have the Edler goal fake out on the tip in by Boes. XD And we could have two more games like this. Sure, why not?
  11. I was going to put Toronto in 7, I feel like they've got the better chance to win this, but I'm also feeling a 7 game series, and if that's the case, the smarter bet would probably be Montreal in 7, which is my pick. I've watched them blow too many game 7s over the years to be able to have any confidence in them doing it right this time. Prove me wrong Leafs!
  12. While the deal is clearly not a 'win', definitely one of those ones where we'll have to wait and see. Basically, it's a question of whether or not we ended up picking up another Motte type of player. If we did, then I think the trade is beneficial for us. And if not, well it opens up a roster spot for another young forward challenging for a roster spot. And it also depends on other trades that might happen and who Seattle picks from us in the expansion draft. As for Gaudette, wish him all the best. Looks like management is gambling that he'll become another Virtanen type and doesn
  13. Canucks 5-1 Miller Winner Canucks Score First
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