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  1. Looking more and more like Sillinger for us. He's the next best thing to McTavish at centre. Not quite as big, but still stocky and strong. Not quite as good of a two-way player, but a better goal scorer. Kind of a hybrid of Horvat and Boeser.
  2. I'd tell you, but you might leak it to the rest of the board. Sorry.
  3. I have to think the Sedins have had a hand in convincing him not to sign with the Oilers and instead wait to sign with us!!
  4. If the Canadiens could afford this contract, wouldn't the Kraken have even more space for it? He seems like a foundation piece they could build around -- well worth the cap hit for them.
  5. Is Lind's future potential not greater than Motte's though? May turn out to be a mistake protecting Motte over Lind.
  6. No. It seems we're letting Edler go and possibly Hamonic as well. Then we're going to trade Schmidt so we can sign another forward. Who exactly is going to play defence for this team?
  7. So who would want to be trading for him and have an opening to protect him for the expansion draft?? Because if they don't trade for him before the draft, then they risk just having him stolen by Seattle.
  8. That sounds good, but considering what Benning is saying about getting back to a contender ASAP, there's no way he's trading one of his top four D for another future prospect. We'll just be lucky is he doesn't trade the #9 pick to get someone who can help right away, then maybe for another year or two.
  9. I think if they're in rebuilding mode, then they want younger players and/or picks for Jones. Still think it may be hard to get many of those though for a player who might just be a one year rental. On the other hand, if they don't see themselves as rebuilding, then they may really like getting a more established D back for Jones, thinking that they can get more out of Schmidt than the Canucks did. They would also know that they have him for the next several years, at a cost that is a lot lower than what Jones would be wanting/getting.
  10. Benning should be looking to trade Schmidt straight up for Seth Jones. We get Jones for one year and if he doesn't resign with us, all we have ultimately lost is the 3rd round pick that he paid for Schmidt, and would be gaining a lot of cap space to sign another UFA RHD.
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