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  1. Lol! Can't say I totally disagree. But I think Green's only shortcoming is in the people he has chosen as his assistants, Lol. Still like to see him stay on and his assistants go....Lol!
  2. As they say: There, fixed that for ya! In my opinion, Green's only guilty by association.
  3. JT for captain!
  4. He's never been anywhere but. I agree with Bitter Melon, it would be nice to finally see him front and centre somewhere in our history. People need to finally see what a 'Canuck' really is. It's not an orca or an empty hockey rink with a giant stick in the middle. It's a historical nickname for a Canadian, meant to rival the Americans' Uncle Sam. They've never been shy about celebrating him, just like we shouldn't be shy about showing some pride in Johnny Canuck. Time to slap him on the middle of one our jerseys!
  5. And the thing that makes this missed signing so inexcusable is the fact that Tryamkin has so many of the qualities the Canucks don't have and need on their roster now, even if it was just for the bottom D pairing. The only box that Tryamkin didn't tick off was RHD, otherwise, their defence could sorely use a player of his skill set and stature. Woo is their only future hope for a D man with a combo of grit and some skill, but he just doesn't come close to filling the need they have for another D man with size, at least not close to how Tryamkin would have filled it
  6. Sure, but what I'm getting at is that by signing their new contracts, both Karlsson and Tryamkin can avoid having to sign with us for another two years. Then, once those contracts are up, they can sign with any NHL team they choose -- if I'm interpreting this correctly. If so, then Jurmo could essentially do the same thing by signing one more contract in Finland after his new one expires, if he for some reason wants to avoid signing with us.
  7. Yes, and it's still running. I saw it... I swear!
  8. Sounds good. And pair him with Bowey while you're at it Green!
  9. Then he just needs to sign one more 2-year contract and he can avoid ever having to sign with us...same as Tryamkin and Karlsson!
  10. Yes, so just one day apart, both he and Tryamkin found ways to avoid signing with us if they ever want to come to the NHL!
  11. No worries. Benning gave Bowey his old Canucks number. Must mean he has big plans for him!
  12. How dare he prefer to stay in his home country rather than sign with us! Let us now make ourselves feel better by throwing every disparaging comment at him that we can think of!!
  13. That doesn't make knowing that he won't be playing here any easier. And the hardest part of the whole thing is knowing that he may just sign with one of our divisional rivals in two years, and our players will be getting shut down and crushed by that mobile, 6'8" behemoth on defence on a regular basis.
  14. Green hates playing D men on their offside. Anytime I see someone suggest that he should just put D man X into the lineup to play with D man Y, if they both happen to shoot the same way, I know it's not going to happen. Schmidt is the only D man that he consistently makes an exception for, I'm sure because he knows he doesn't have any other choice. You just know that he won't stand for keeping Juolevi in the lineup for long if he's going to have to pair him with another LHD. But that's why I was hoping for him to at least try Bowey over Chatfield on the 3rd D pairing tonight.
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