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  1. I liked Pedan too. But unfortunately, as they say, karma's a b****. He got one-punched himself in the A, by Stu Bickell, and never seemed as dominant a fighter after this ( . Too bad, I had high hopes for him as a #6 D here at one point in time.
  2. Heinen is Ryan Spooner 2.0 to me: a none too big, non-physical finesse player who has to be scoring and playing in a top six role to be effective. If not, he's just deadweight to the team. If that happens, the only silver lining would be that we can at least shed his contract at the end of the year without having to buy him out (ala Spooner).
  3. He'd have to have Motte's heart to play anything like Motte. No chance of that happening.
  4. Very good comparison, although I do remember Sandlak making a few more big hits than Virtanen. I think he may have scored a bit more too, at least more than Jake is now. Very similar in their temperament and shared aversion to potential fisticuffs though!
  5. Oh yah, there's no way they sign him for more than one year at a time. And knowing Edler, there's no way he re-signs anywhere else either.
  6. No kidding. It's just a figure of speech.
  7. Yes, and if he can't give more, we need to start sitting him and dressing MacEwen more...grooming him to take Roussel's place.
  8. And I don't think they're related so much to his brain, as they are to his heart.
  9. People voting for Hoglander over Boeser are not completely out to lunch, they're just confusing MPP (Most Promising Player) with MVP.
  10. This kid is a beauty! Only a matter of time and more experience before he starts finding the back of the net on a regular basis.
  11. BB is finally back to shooting the puck with the same accuracy he showed in his rookie season, before the (elbow? hand?) injury that he sustained in Da Beauty League. The main difference is that he looks like he worked with the same skating coach that Horvat did a few seasons ago -- he's suddenly much faster than he ever was.