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  1. It happens because when BPA meets team need...Kismet. Bingo. The best of all worlds.
  2. I'm with you. I was just reading the Ferland thread. The consensus there seemed to be Michael is out permanently to concussions but wouldn't it be nice if we had a feisty, 2-way winger on the left side who could score. Wouldn't everything else start to fit? So I came here looking to see if anybody was touting anything like that. Somebody gave links to all the mock drafts so I started clicking them and guess averaged Guenther to be going around 8th. He can play both wings. And doesn't he seem to be the sort of player JB says he's looking for:
  3. At this spot, in this draft every contender has something. I'm happy with whoever JB picks but I'm hoping he stresses the unseen qualities - grit, smarts, maturity, leadership. I want a guy with character who I know is going to find a way to make the most of whatever he's got.
  4. Good way to start the "active" off season JB promised.
  5. Sorry about that. I should have given you a link for the first quote I offered that spoke of LA's need. https://thehockeywriters.com/kings-must-exercise-caution-2021-offseason/ Following the quote I posted he goes on to say: He's not the first hockey pundit I've heard speak of that need beyond Doughty. Doughty's 31.
  6. I'm only saying the parts are there to fix either team's problem. LA needs an Offensive defense man. We have Hughes, Rathbone and maybe even Rafferty as a hole-plugger. We need some strength up front. LA has an embarrassment of riches in their prospect and near-prospect pool - Byfield, Alex Turcotte, Kaliyev, Gabe Vilardi, Tyler Madden. Now it's true using Hughes for trade-bait is offering a lot just because you're drooling over what's on the other side, but you don't even have to go there. How about something like this if you just want to dip your toe in and
  7. I want to go off the rails a bit. I'm liking the idea of 3 scoring lines and finding a solution with LA. I've been reading stuff like this about LA for awhile now: We have 2 of them. Another thing that makes LA interesting is have you seen their prospect pool? https://thepaintedlines.com/top-31-2021-nhl-prospect-team-rankings-1-the-los-angeles-kings/ At first, the thought of say, trading Quinn Hughes seems nuts but then you look at their prospect pool. Would you give up on your Lias Anderson idea for a couple of those prospects in a Quinn for at
  8. I'm not as into it as some. I only know what I hear. This is what I hear: Zachary LHeureux Ht/Wt: 5'11"/196 lbsPosition: C/LWTeam: Halifax (QMJHL) Zachary L'Heureux's Player Profile Cam Robinson - Dobber Prospects - : "Something of a Richard out there, L’Hereaux walks the line between hard play and needless aggression. He screams checking line type."Mike G. Morreale - NHL.com - Jan. 23rd: "L'Heureux is a power forward who has been compared to Columbus Blue Jackets forward Max Domi. The 17-year-old can play physical and has great hands."Craig Button - TSN - Dec. 15th
  9. How about a dark horse? Zachary L'hereux. He's rugged. One more rugged Canuck to join Zack, Gadj, Woo, and Podzkolzin. There will be fewer grins from the opposing team when they look at the schedule and see Vancouver's coming.
  10. I get the feeling I'm not supposed to say this but I like the fact we can have confidence in Miller at center. It creates options.
  11. Read the title and thought, 'Hey, "Warriors"...what a great name for Abbotsford's coming team.
  12. Exactly. What? They didn't have Covid in Montreal? Jim could have found 4.2 for Toffoli. Like crobar says - Virtanen and Pearson. Save 6. 2 mill more or less, plus he could have got picks, maybe even a prospect.
  13. I forgave Jim everything until he flubbed it with Toffoli. That was the one too many for me. He was too much of a Charlie Brown and he let Lucy pull the football away one too many times to be forgiven.
  14. I think of people like Sam Harris, Dave Rubin and Carl Benjamin as being classic liberals. Carl (Sargon of Akkad) Benjamin is where I started hearing about opportunity versus outcome. Maybe Bill Maher. Myself, I think of classic liberals as more that portion of the left that can be reasoned with, as opposed to say a Progressive Socialist.
  15. Actually the equality of Opportunity versus equality of Outcome discussion has nothing to do with race. You don't appear to understand it. Perhaps I'm explaining it badly. Feel free to look it up. I didn't invent it. I hear about it most from Classic Liberals.
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