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  1. This season should be really fun to watch. More experienced Bo, Boeser, Petey, Hughes, Demko and Jake. With support from a stronger D corps, Marky will look even better and Demko will get settled in, allowing us to move Marky at the deadline. A solid team all around, we may miss the playoffs this year but it will be very close if so. JB and Green want a team that will battle every night and this team is built to do so. Excitement is infectious and these moves are going to get the young kids excited that the playoffs are a real possibility and it will help guys like JV, OJ raise their games to another level. I see a great mix of size and skill now and I think teams are really going to dislike playing us. Irrespective of whether we make the playoffs this year or not, it’s going to be fun to watch and I guarantee we won’t be giving Tampa a lottery pick in the end. Well done JB! Go Canucks Go!

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