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  1. It is the topic of the thread, I didn't start it
  2. Lucky, I am sure that is in relation to the schedule so far or is it that there have been no long term injuries to key personnel? Certainly this team has been luckier than many in the injury department especially to key players? My "predictions" are more around annual stats and trends, not just what did they do last night. Is it not harder to win on back to back nights on the road? Rick Bonus, when he got the top coaching job, stated to the world how he was so happy to be on a team that was NOT tanking at the end of the year? Tanking is so prevalent it is common kn
  3. Individual perspective has to do with satisfaction and satisfaction has to do with personal goals, desires and internal drive. If you don't care about who wins or loses,then the happy face If you just like the look of hair, then the happy face. If you just like to be in crowds, then the happy face. If it just watching the "boys" play, then the happy face So satisfaction is easy because you would watch grass grow and pay $100 to do so as long as you were part of the herd grazing. In reality you should just go watch minor hockey and support the growth of the game be
  4. Strictly as trade assets? Or trades at all? Depends upon the desperation level. While it could be stated right now that this team is "competitive" with other teams it has been happening almost injury free. Ferland never helped the team last year and didn't really do anything Zack hasn't done either. Sutter might be done, like what happened in San Jose with Jonathan Cheechoo, he just didn't recover from the surgeries. Leivo helped but was essentially a 3rd line player. So while the team might be close to a playoff spot, they have not won 16 games in 25 game stretch in I
  5. JANUARY, a start of a reason for a slide. Injuries. The Canucks have been blessed with the easiest schedule up to date, most days between game, most times playing a team in their second of a back to back, most back up goalies. Now come the start of a hard schedule Over the next 16 days the Canucks will play 9 games, a back to back and a five game road trip. With all those games condensed as they are the schedule maker still managed to fit in two days between games, a rest period. The Nux have been playing at 100% since the season
  6. A rebuilding Chicago just in their second year of rebuild, skates in with twelve players 24 and under. Only 4 points behind and having goalie and cap issues this season, they just got another 7 mill in cap space with Seabrook added to LTIR and looking to add via trade. Cap space, ahhh.. The Canucks, rebuilding in year 6+ of Benning, have only eight 24 and under if Zach draws in and Demko plays. Canucks are on a streak and Chicago has won 4 of the last 5 games. The Canucks should have the advantage.
  7. Only numbers that matter are the final score and the two points Not in this thread
  8. AV and Mitchell were against each other, AV said Willie should have played through a little ding, WM disagreed and was in the doghouse after, with Coho and Grabner, AV just refused to play those in his doghouse, Willie, Coho, Grabner and Ballard. Glass stated the same thing when AV told him he had to take on Boogaard, the only way to get icetime.
  9. 4-3 Canucks. Canucks. Pearson Roussel Pettersson. Blackhawks. by a mile
  10. Don't vote for him, the Canucks can not afford the bonus hit on the cap next year
  11. Benning's outstanding drafting? When has he gone "out of the box" drafting and succeeded? Sure Boeser, Pettersson and Hughes are good, but what was the cost? Being the worst team in the league on average over 5 years? Boeser was pure luck, the scouting agencies and GM's mostly all missed on him, but he was ranked #25, just about where he went. Pettersson and Hughes were BPA, a monkey could have selected them. His "out of the box" selections, Jake Virtanen, should have been around his peers at that spot, lot's of "they should have taken ???" considering how many drafted
  12. No he didn't draft, Charrelli did, watch the behind the scenes stuff from Boston, Benning sat there all quiet and listened to the head scout and Charrelli. Benning - Boston scouting - 1999 draft to 2003 draft as director of scouting only, he didn't "find" any of the mentioned. Funny about the capologist, the league hired the guy Benning fired to interpret the cap for them, seems we already had the best guy.
  13. Well he is getting plenty of practice stopping shots lately, 40+ a game. If he still wants to stay he will want a clause and term, 6 years at 6 million and a NMC for the first 4 years, with huge signing bonuses for the first 3 years, something in the neighborhood of 8 to10 mil a season. No meaningful talks at all.
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