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  1. After the aggressive offseason, the Canucks had set an expectation that this is the core they are going to compete with. It is still very early in this season; and hopefully, this home stand will give the staff & players some time to iron out some things. Reading through the thread, it is obvious (imo) that there are two main sets of fans: the "True fans" (groupies) and everyone else (Trolls don't count). Both sides have a good reason for there stance but Greens overall record is unbiased. Regardless, of which type of fans you are - JB still chose to double down with Green: by re signing him & giving him a re vamped roster. These moves seems to be JBs' way of admitting to some of his past moves by giving Green another chance with a slightly different roster that has more depth (at the high cost of futures & cap space). Imo, the pressure is on the staff to deliver with this roster and i am still skeptical if this staff is the right one for this roster. Despite, all the drama there is still alot to be excited about and there are also (very) familiar things to still be concern about.
  2. What is Brad May suppose to say about a former teammate (?); but his overall record and the on ice product is still lacking in structure. Anyways, looking forward to this homestand and hopefully, they can iron somethings out.
  3. I can understand. Pro teams in all leagues are spending money in analytics and it is being reflected in how the teams' are managing there players & team. Analytics is here to stay and one downside (imo) is that - it seems to take accountability away from the decision makers. In the right hand the data can be very useful but with the Human bias it can also be use as merely a suggestion. Preferably, I would like a coach that will use both analytics & the eye test when making a decision on players & adjustments. Also, with Greens' tendency towards (waiver wire) vets over rookie(s), it would probably be prudent for Podz to play in Abby with Danila. I'd go down to Abby to watch both.
  4. So how does Podz get better and does linemate & competition matter with the stat ? Right now, it seems he should be in Abby to improve by playing minutes
  5. He does have the physical attributes and just needs minutes to play to continue his developement but Green is a hard coach to get ice time from if you are a rookie, who doesn't wow him from the day one - then it becomes an uphill battle. It matters more how Podz will respond cause that is all he can control.
  6. Good points I would also like to see more of Podz and if he is just sitting play him in Abby with Dinala. At least, in Abby he can get the minutes and the fans can enjoy watching him play.
  7. Who is the Laffs goalie and it seems the lost of Hyman has affected the team but currently, benefitting Edmonton
  8. Imo, the Staff fell in love with the idea of having Rathbone & QH in the big league roster. As a third pairing with Burroughs, they are doing a decent job but the Canucks haven't really played any of the top teams yet. Once the quality of the opponents and the intensity of the games goes up, then we can probably get a better idea of were this team & coaching staff are.
  9. I personally, like his opinion when discussing the structures that the Canucks & there opponents' are implementing. Very different from Cheech.
  10. As a Canuck fan, I wish them the best and that is all - except when we are facing them. They will be fine cause they are one of Bettmans expansion teams.
  11. Yeah, JB & crew chose to run with this core and the addition of both have not hurt the team. The Canucks are trying to compete now, whereas the Yotes are doing a quick rebuild, hoping to compete with a new core in the near future.
  12. Depends on what the Yotes will do with the cap space and the players they will pick with picks they acquired - so far, they are one of the ever rebuilding pet projects of Bettman.
  13. I agree cause some of his picks seemed like there were already some back room deals in placed.
  14. Its his shtick to be the most unfashionable challenge person in the panel. Like him or not, some of his takes adds to the panel chemistry
  15. Francis was emphasizing cap space as a priority prior to the ED and so far, Haxtall has that team playing hard with good structure to still be competitive. Also, with Grubauer they will have a chance to compete. There are some top end players at the top of the next few drafts and good chance, Francis will hope to be a winner of the lottery draft, so he can acquire his building blocks.
  16. I watched the whole 2011 run (as you probably did) and that is my take away on his performance. Agree to disagree then.
  17. Just my take on the 2011 finals. Great regular season goalie but not a goalie that will win you a cup
  18. Depends on who is making the decision and so far, there management team is no better than when the Oilers had Chia as there GM. Very stark contrast to how Holland is leading there ship now vs Chia; and it is showing in the standings. Although, the Oilers still are a Mike Smith injury away from making the playoffs or not.
  19. With hindsight, Loungo is a great regular season goalie but not a playoff performer- imo.
  20. You forgot the cap space that Arizona will have after this season
  21. Good points - in the past you just have to replace Demko with JM. Tonight, it was the Canucks that won it in the last 5 mins
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