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  1. Jets had already clinched and like clockwork, it is looking like the Canucks are due for the usual late season winning streak, so; 3-2 Nucks Miller
  2. Yeah, good chance an older Edler will be resign cause he checks the very important nostalgic & great intangibles boxes; and a still - mostly - unknown OJ will either be somewhere else or continue to be a question mark for the team. Perhaps a different coaching staff will be the x factor the d core needs to be different crew next year but Iam not confident this group (which will be older) can do any better; although, I am very excited about the young guns.
  3. I like the win, as a participation type trophy (team morale ?); kinda bittersweet - for me - cause the goal right now (imo) should be to maximize this losing season by giving us the best chance to win the lottery cup. Nothing new though cause this has happen before, were the team goes on a late season winning streak: which only decreases the chance of winning the lottery - good thing JB is doing the drafting, at the very least. Anyways - GCG !
  4. Sheesh ! Two ever rebuilding clubs are still doing worst than us: NJ & Buffalo.
  5. Pretend winning culture and mentality in a losing season is above logic..
  6. I agree with the team toughness part but Edler has to stand up for himself and set an example cause he is one of the untouchable vets..
  7. It was the PR department that traded AG, JB was just the trigger man - imo.
  8. You must be a good computer programmer - well said ! JB has signed some very generous retirement contracts during his tenure as GM - hopefully his tendency to overpay for intangibles is over; rather, give the rookies a legit chance to play first then sign a support player when the need does come up to a cheap contract and give the young core that role instead.
  9. JV is gone regardless due to the stigma of the situation cause most/some of the fans will not tolerate it; just like AG (who seems to be thriving in Chicago by playing legit minutes) the PR department will be trading him as well. The fan culture (rather the most vocal) had already sealed JVs’ tenure as a Canuck - hopefully, we get a few seventh rounders rather than a high motor 4th liner or AHL’er in return.
  10. Hope this is true, time for the young core to bring in a new identity and fill the great intangible roles of mentoring & sheltering the incoming youths; perhaps JB can learn from the Laffs were they sign former top line players in support roles to short term & cheap deals. Ex top players that can also make some on ice productions while mentoring the young core - hindsight.
  11. Ditto, not confident JB will stop overpaying for intangibles; preferably, I would like to see this roster with a new coach before any trades (although, there is a good chance JV is gone due to the stigma of the accusations) and all our FA’s walk (time to move on and replenish the prospect cupboards).
  12. Yup, seems to be this staffs’ preferred way of developing these rookie; except when they forces themselves in the line up. Good thing we had rookies that did force themselves in the lineup cause at the very least, we got to watch the future regardless, of the staffs tendency to sit them but I get it - the staff will go with the players they know & trust.
  13. Ditto, it should be a war mentality in the playoffs rather than depending on the GAME MANAGERS TO BAIL YOU OUT - it should be about sending the right message and the whole team follows up on that message (having flash backs of the unresponsive stoic Sedin and the baffled Marchand (due to the Sedins’ lack of reaction)). The gentleman type hockey has to end: where the team depends on the Zebras for PP time.
  14. Ditto, for awhile it seems to indicate that it is a strategy but other teams seems to had recognized it and the staff are still figuring it out (?).
  15. Just like Buffalo no consistent goaltending to build around & keep the puck out of the net; too much of the same type of players (albeit VERY talented) that are used to producing only on one side of the ice.
  16. Yeah but (imo) Smith is the real reason they are where they are in the standings (must be a contract year) but he will regress and the Soilers will be back to chasing something more familiar.
  17. Yeah, even in even strength: when the d just collapses back instead of activating at the blue line to engage - cutting edge coaching.
  18. Yeah; good chance he gets signed for the very important nostalgic reasons. Preferably, I hope the team moves on and gives his minutes to someone else that will be a legit part of the team for the foreseeable future.
  19. Plus sign re sign our FA’s (who will be one year older) for there intangibles and nostalgic reasons - more of the same
  20. Yeah, lots of example of players when giving the right opportunity will tend to thrive; imo, a lot of our low minute players are being forced to play a role that they’re not keen on playing, for example: AG in Chicago is getting a real shot and seems to be producing a lot better.
  21. Ditto, hope to see it more but he is not one of the Staffs more trustworthy players.
  22. With the stigma of this situation the PR department has already traded JV - hope I am wrong and we don't do another AG trade from the PR department. Based on the stats, AG seems to be doing very well with the Hawks (it seems he was being miscasted and misused by the staff ?).
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