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  1. I provide a balanced view. Dems could provide money if they will enforce border enforcement and Reps could provide money if ignore border enforcement. Pure truth. Don't you like that? I'm not a Trump disciple, I just happen to agree with him on most issues because he's a moderate conservative.
  2. I'm not sure if you actually don't know or not, but our great nations were built by immigrants not criminals. Did you know this? The soap dispenser ran out at my kids daycare yesterday, and a big kid grabbed a toy for a little kid. This qualifies as national news for TDS sufferers. It's not impossible that there are some issues there, but how would we know? The news media is proven useless. Regardless, it would have nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with long existing and imperfect government bureaucracy. @RUPERTKBD
  3. It is not purely because of the dems, I don't think I said that. But they could easily fix this problem if they were willing to give up their lawless greed for power. (wanting open borders to dilute present americans with new americans who will vote only for them)
  4. If they can't push them back to the other side of the border they should be kept in camps. I'm ok with providing regular prison conditions (which as we know are good) but crying about toothbrushes as a humanitarian crisis is a laugh.' Of course Trump wants them gone as do most Americans.
  5. I understand the link is from NYT with it's built in bias, but I count on you to be able to ignore the rhetoric and find the bits of fact therein. It is as I stated. Dems wont increase funding because money will also go to border enforcement. Correct.
  6. Look into it and you'll find out they aren't afraid of brown people. Where does that come from? No one is trying to hold back soap. The case is brought to San Francisco so a wacky 9th district judge/politician can feed Trump Derangement Syndrome with a wacky statement. Anyway, What's the problem. You think Trump doesn't want kids to have soap? Be real. It's not up to him anyway, it's up to long established agencies. Did they run out one day? One week? No toothbushes? Really???. This tells me a lot.
  7. Lawbreakers are always separated from their families. Shocking. Meanwhile the Democrats refuse to provide money to improve conditions in the camps because they're afraid some funds may be used inhibit open borders. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/24/us/politics/migrants-emergency-aid-border.html
  8. It's pretty scary to see how we were heading towards another ice age. No wonder scientists were predicting it back in the seventies. Thank goodness the trend has been checked for now. These charts are so informative.
  9. Agreed. That's why we need to blow up those who dump it in the ocean. Why not? It would be one of the best uses of bombs ever. I'm pretty sure they'd capitulate though.
  10. Plastic production is good. Plastic in the ocean is bad. What's wrong with plastic.
  11. I'm the environmentist. You and your crew are globalists. I'd send send an aircraft carrier group out to the six Asian rivers and solve the plastic problem today.
  12. Source any media you want, it's all the same. They promote globalism, or at best, refuse to offend it. That's the issue of the day. Of course Fox is the exception, but even they have too many swamp lovers. Fox will be gone as soon as Rupert's kids take control away from him. After that there'll just be a few platformless voices left to be wiped out. Of course globalism will never be achieved in any way. We'll be left with a weak western world. The strong survive, and we are not the strong atm.
  13. Trying to protect species from going extinct is fine by me. Recently, habitat restoration and breeding programs were set up to save a creature from my youth, the leopard frog. People didn't just throw up there hands and say "oh well, global warming, let's burn American oil instead of Canadian and save the planet". That's the solution we get from the lazy hippies around here. Useless. Unfortunately our leopard frogs are under attack from invasive bullfrogs now. Just can't win.
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