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  1. Ummmm name one elite goal scorer that isn't a line driver? And I meant Jake can be put with Sutter and is still a threat unlike like brock. Also might add those two goals he got against the Oilers could be considered lucky at least the one where Hughes found him behind the defence while sitting on his rear and if that would have went the other way then brock cheated and got burned and doesn't have the speed to catch up to the play..... brock has been cherry picking imo
  2. Could say the same about brock...... if brock is a legit line driver then Petey and him should be able to carry Jake , just look at how good Jake looked with Miller and petey... Hate on Jake but brock and Jake both benifit from playing with Miller and petey but at least Jake has shown he can drive a line once in awhile , still waiting to see that from brock........ brock and Jake are the same element on that line......
  3. Both of those depends if Petey breaks two sticks again..... So what's the over under on how many sticks Petey's breaks?
  4. Not to mention Jake has changed his game/ mind set . I would love to see Jake go to a team that coaches body first instead of puck first . When's the last time Jake threw a big hit? Jake should play the game like Tom Wilson , the way he hits but if you watch Wilson , he plays the body usually not the puck.....and no one said Wilson was smart but taking a player out of the play is his Defence and that's what Jake should have been taught but........Jake is one of the best hitters I've seen in a long time but it's an asset being wasted and Jake hits are usually clean unlike Wilson's Jake is a Tom Wilson type not a Evander kane type.......
  5. Hey now it was the government lack of action , also if JT would have did what he was suppose too, b.c would have fallen in line and would have put the Canadian economy first instead of this stupid idea of how oil is just Alberta......
  6. Yup , if trump had a we scandal , for his hat trick then yes trump would have been booted out but JT just continues to walk free......so yes our PM has shown his corrupt but we don't do jack......
  7. Tmx will always be bad imo cause it was built to late....... Also I don't like JT cause his a joke , if trump did what he has done , he would have been gone. You want me to thank JT for messing up so bad that he scared off foreign investors and pretty much forced Canada to buy it lol
  8. Why? I haven't changed my tune at all, I'm for jobs and for a strong Canada period. Oil isn't just Alberta
  9. https://calgaryherald.com/opinion/columnists/opinion-liberals-have-taken-action-action-against-our-energy-sector/
  10. Yes but it's up to the government to play the hand it has not the hand it wants and oil is still a big part of that hand cause of stupid JT...... also I never said the diversity had to happen in Alberta .....jobs are jobs.....I don't care where they are , just that there
  11. No I would be pissed... Government money shouldn't be used for oil unless in a buy out in imo there's better places to spend tax payers money
  12. Lies???? Really? And victim? Cause I wished we got more out of oil so we could have strengthen other industries so when the time came we would have the jobs to make up the slack and I never said that the industries had to move to alberta...... I don't give a hoot about Alberta but I care about jobs and how our government didn't plan jack....... it's up to government to bring in new industries with tax breaks and so on but JT dropped the ball big time imo
  13. Zero interest cause of JT and his lack of action ha Morgan even offered b.C a side deal and government still sat on their hands
  14. https://www.nationalobserver.com/2020/09/25/news/trans-mountain-pipeline-expansion-could-be-least-two-months-late
  15. How is it on time, if it's being stopped by the tiny house warriors? Lol and it has also cost CANADIANS 16 billion , what a waste when we could have had private funds funding the project. check them out two out of three kinda throw on time in question ha
  16. https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrgEa9AYZBf60EA1Q85ByI5;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzYEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1603326401/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fwww.cbc.ca%2fnews%2fcanada%2fbritish-columbia%2fblue-river-protests-1.5624411/RK=2/RS=Q8bno4QXQDLoYFoXGPo.4XKjMLc-
  17. You mean you bought an pipeline that Canada needed and thx to lack of action from the government is the reason they had to buy it. Also how does it help Alberta if it never gets finished?.... 1: it's up to the government to attract private business and would you invest money in Canada after seeing how JT has dropped the ball? His a joke and he made all of Canada a joke on the world stage. Also look at the states and what they did....JT could have started to attract other private businesses so making oil smaller wouldn't have hurt so much but JT didn't think that far ahead.....maybe if he dealt with those tiny house warriors and actually put the pipeline in then I would show him respect but thx god hopefully today is the last day of that clown. 2: JT killed oil before they flooded the market and what do you call a government that wouldn't back a private project that went threw ever hoop? Those years are a lot different then when JT screwed up this time cause if he would have forced that pipeline which was approved, we would be shipping more at a lower price but hey better then getting nothing and seeing no jobs.....the money Canada could have made in the short term could have set up Canada to fund another industry or going green and we would have already created jobs but JT didn't think that far ahead. 3: yes he did ha it's not my fault JT is a dumbass and didn't realize he was in an oil country.......lol 4: how am I miss understanding it? It's very simple.....if someone buys something and never delivers on it then yes I will say JT killed oil and JT didn't have to waste federal money on buying a pipeline , if JT just had a backbone...... could you imagine if we took that money we spent on that pipeline and spent it on another industry we would be stronger but our leader is special and JT had to buy that pipeline cause of his own short comings so......
  18. Yes he killed it by not growing it, everyone in business knows in today's world if you're not growing you're dying...... You want me to give credit to JT for losing jobs and not replacing them but instead gives out money........reminds me of an old saying give a man a fish he eats for a day , teach a man how to fish and he eats for ever....... blame alberta all you want but no other provinces has jobs to offer......to many people and not enough jobs...... And wasn't it alberta that gave ppe to the government. ...... That's why I don't care for JT he killed oil early and didn't replace those jobs like how stupid can someone be, he could have just forced through that pipeline and it wouldn't have been bought by the tax payers.......thx to how our government handled that pipeline ,they scared off private investments and how does a industry that is mostly funded by private investments survive?
  19. Yes your right the jobs leave but the job experience doesn't or does the trades locals get and iirc isn't there a demand for welders and pipe fitters in the coastal area?..... And how many people have you met that worked in b.c and ended up staying there? And not to mention how it helps exspose a lot of b.c that doesn't get that much exsposer.... but if the pipeline was built we would be able to make more by shipping more....it's bad business I know but hey it's Alberta and canada would have had more money to invest in green industries but instead JT killed the industry that is Canada's back bone at the moment. so yes JT killed the oil industry in Canada. I didnt say government controlled the economy, but they can play a bigger role and attract new industries and stand up for Canadian products instead of not giving a hoot.... your right though Canada doesn't have that power to sell their goods to other countries ......and say screw the USA .......they have to feed their people some how ha Canada has more power then people realize and JT needs to start thinking that way and I'm surprised he hasn't with how good he is at whining and dinning people...... like I said trump gave farmers and ranchers around 35 billion and JT gives the industry that feeds Canadians 250 million......trump stands up for USA products and JT rather order crap from China .......
  20. So we couldn't have made more money if the pipe line was put in when it was suppose to be? Wasn't oil prices still pretty high still......and would have created more jobs in b.C and would have benifited all of Canada .........instead JT scared off pretty much every oil and gas investor, so yes he killed the oil and gas industry before the crash...... Sorry you are right I got the wrong numbers on that went off crowder ha , still proves trump has improved it and how can you say government doesn't control the economy, when seeing trump level tariffs and bringing back companies all cause of policies , his put in place.......
  21. But those jobs you mentioned, most pay min wage....... I do agree Houston has done the best job so far imo, I agree with what your saying in theory but also will you admit JT killed the oil industry before the crash? Also read last paragraph https://www.factcheck.org/2019/11/trumps-shaky-5000-boast/
  22. Yes I will agree that alberta didn't diversify enough , farming and ranching are good industris but they create a limited number of jobs.......where adding tec would have been smart but the problem is to make good money in tec a degree is almost nessary and come on those guys arnt office types and that's why adding steel , where having a strong back is more important , if you catch my drift? Also over Obama terms the middle class income only went up by a grand and under trump it's up to 5 grand increase........and how many presidents or PM that would put out tariffs that hurt their own pockets but create jobs at the same time?
  23. For the ahs? Or overall? I'm confused I'm arguing on all of Canada cause if any one province took one of those industries then oil prices falling wouldn't hurt as much, cause another industry could pick up the slack but there's no one industry offering a million jobs..........there was no plan and trump made one and created jobs and JT did nothing.......and also I wouldn't invest my money in Canada after everything that's been going on........so you want a industry that is mostly dependent on private investments to attract money after we failed to put in that pipeline and then turned around and bought it and it's still not finished ........ hmm mm. .....
  24. I used trump and what he did as a example and also trump gave farmers and ranchers around 35 billion , you know how much JT has offered 250 million. We applauded the companies that started manufacturing masks and other ppe , so why not attract companies by being better then the states , why not grow our exports like farming and other natural resources.? I didnt mean just alberta but I will argue that if the government bailed out select companies that agree to follow the new restrictions, then it would create more jobs or help sustain constant work for those select companies , so people wouldn't have to wake up with wonder every day. Also oil and alberta are dependent on private investors and the government has made Canada a joke on that front.
  25. Tariffs and forcing manufactoring companies back to the states to create jobs is government flexing on business's and just proves my point and JT didn't do anything like that.
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