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  1. Yes, they are. Getting 2 top 6 players who play with grit and can score help teams get over the top in the playoffs and can play a major role. Same with OEL. Having a top pairing D-man who can play in all situtations and is a minute muncher is also key for playoff success. On paper, this team is very good, albeit we could use some more depth at D. I expect this team that Jim has constructed to make the playoffs and do some damage. Glass is half full as far as I am concerned.
  2. Miller as our 3rd C is not a good look. He has built awesome chem with Petey and should be on the top line. Having him play with Dowling is just a waste of the offensive flair Miller can bring to the top line. I like Hogz but that is Miller's spot.
  3. Don't forget about Chiason!!! FFS, our depth has been decimated and it ain't even the 1st regular season game.
  4. Curious what the price would be to get Josh Manson out of ANA. Final year of his deal, tough RHD who shouldn't cost a tonne to get. (He does have a 12 team no trade list). Hoping Hamonic is able to return for us at some point and that everything in his personal life will be ok. As it stands our RD is super thin and a glaring weakness. Demko will need to channel his inner bubble boy if we want a shot at playoffs. Thank goodness the P. div is shaping up to be the weakest in the league.
  5. OJ didn't do himself any favours and his injury history hampered any momentum he could have achieved. He has barely played professional hockey since leaving Junior, hurt too often. Then coming into camp in suspect shape (bag skate incident), he really dug his own grave. He had games where he showed well but overall, he lacked intensity and that is something Green looks for. I hope OJ is able to figure it out in FLA but this is not a big loss to the Canuck organization. It's just overall, really disapointing.
  6. If OJ gets put on waivers, I wonder if Pitt may pick him up. Brian Burke was on HNIC on his old 2nd period segment and was giving high praise to OJ, saying that when he was in Calgary as GM, they were considering him for their 6 OA selection. Burke mentioned he felt OJ had the tools and the smarts to be an All-Star. Pure speculation on my part but PITT could take a flyer on him...
  7. I watched Bowey live in Kelowna, his last year of junior. He was playing alongside Josh Morriesy and back then I felt Bowey was more powerful and dynamic. Hope he earns a spot and helps this team if/when called upon. Reclamation project with lots of ability. Hope he gets more confidence and sticks with us.
  8. Watching this clip only soldifies how biased the T.O media is. These are fantastic signings, especially given the ridiculous AAV's that were signed for what was the 9 million dollar summer. To not be astonsihed at these deals is funny. If Dubas was the GM to sign such deals, he would be lauded as the greatest GM past, present and future. Sad take to look at Petey's deal and fear monger about his arb rights and walking himself to free agency... Nothing would make me happier than to see the Laffs bomb in the playoffs again see the Nucks reach the summit in the next 3-5 years!!! This picture below says it all.
  9. Jim Benning has had the best off season of his career! Fantasic signings for the Nucks. Now that most of the pieces are in place, let's see who earns roster spots and how this team, which looks great on paper, faires over the course of this year. Personally, I haven't been this excited for the start to a season since 08/09 and this team is trending in that direction. If OJ or JR can become a full time NHL d-man and Hamonic comes back, we could do some serious damage this year. GCG!!
  10. I will reserve judgement until their deals are done. How long it takes, the salary and term will also be a factor. I don't want these contracts to hamstring the team's future ability to re-sign and sign talent. Right now it seems to be a staring contest with neither side willing to blink quite yet.
  11. I am not in the 99% if that is the contract he signs. That is Kucherov's cap hit and Petey is nowhere near the player Kuch is. Kuch earned that deal over time and proved his worth. If this is what Petey expects, then well, I am at a loss. For a player stating he wants to be on a competive team that makes the playoffs annually in the pursuit of championships, this type of contract would derail that very notion, as the ability to have the depth needed to win the cup could be significantly impacted, especially if QH is looking for the same. Examples of top heavy teams that don't have depth or the means to aquire depth, to make long playoff runs or add significant pieces because so much money was tied to 2-3 players: EDM (McD, Draisatl, Nurse) TOR (Tav, Matt, Marn) MIN (when they had Suter and Parise) CHI (after Toews & Kane signed their massive deals, their ship being perrenial contenders set sail) I am hoping Quinn and Petey have more sense and base their decisions on more than just the dollar amount. Obviously their agent wants them to get market value but the market is wonky when you consider the deals signed this offseason by d-men and also KK. I am hoping for deal akin to what Dahlin signed for. Reasonable. Hasn't proved much yet but this term allows him to grow into what he hopes to become. A number one d-man.
  12. I hope Miller takes Podz under his wing. POdz has the skill set and style of game to play an in your face brand of hockey. It would be ideal if we can hold onto Miller and sign him to new deal, so long as it fits with the long term plan. IMO, he is the engine that drives this team (at least the past few years) and his complete level (outside of a few poor backchecks last season ) drags others into the fray.
  13. I also think DeBrincat in Chicago is a fair comp too. His numbers in CHI have been stellar and he only earns 6.4 per. Lots of guys making lesser money than KK that Benning can point to as comps. -Ehlers -Nylander -Larkin -Hischier -Keller Based around these more reasonable comps, in contrast to KK's new deal, I think we can realistically get Petey for 7-8 mill per short term deal and 8.5 on a longer term if possible. Very interesting to see how it will play out.
  14. Still think Barzal is a great comp for Petey. 9mil would be overpayment. IMHO. 3x7 Then we can see if Petey can stay healthy akin to Brock Boeser. If his game improves and he earns a raise, great. If not, we have a better idea as to what he will become over the next 3 seasons.
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