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  1. Good move for both clubs. We get a pick from a player we didn't want back and Jets get a capable bottom pair D-man who plays with posie and confidence.
  2. What you believe you said and what is the truth are 2 different things. Your subjective false memory is cute. The habs made a wise move here to add to their already strong blueline. Tampa's run last year showed that dpeth at D is crucial and that is why they were agressive with landing Savard.
  3. If JB is considering picking any of these guys up, I hope it is Mete. We need more young players itching the crack an NHL roster full time, especially on our back end.
  4. This is a great addition to their roster. Leafs are going to be a very tough out along with the Jets. Dubas took notes from Julien Briesbois it seems and good for Columbus getting another 1st rnd pick.
  5. The fact the Habs went out and got a d man when you were spouting off ta number of weeks ago that they had no need (despite the loss of BC) because they had the players within is rich...and now you have to eat some crow. Your response is on point with your MO on these forums. As usual, an all knowing reply comes forth from your end. You appear to be living in a black/white universe whilst the rest of us operate knowing that grey also exists. Free your mind. Be color blind, don't be so shallow. Translation= you are not omniscent.
  6. I'm just soooo shocked that MTL went out and traded for a d-man when that clearly wasn't a need...given all of their amaziing depth at D eh qwibjo. Benn would have served them better. Guess the $ was more of a factor. Oh well. Good for DET for getting another pick. Habs won't go very far unless their overall game improves and Price has been a bum this season. One of the worst contracts in the league right now and for the forseeable future.
  7. I like your mindset but doubt it actually happening.
  8. Curious what they are sending the other way as these 2 teams have a strong dislike for one another. I assume it will be at least a 1st and a high end prospect or young roster player the Bolts are willing to part with for this defensive depth.
  9. best 2 sentences of any post ive read this thread. JP's analysis and coverage of the team is often head scratching garbalyguke...(not even he knows what he's talking about)
  10. Jeff Cowan? Is it really you...after all this time.
  11. I like this signing. Time will tell us how it ages and in 3 years from now, we will look back as a collective Canuck nation and be satisfied. He plays well with Bo and we need a stable winger for Bo, who for years has had a revolving door of wingers. I also think Pearson's game would compliment Petey's if they were ever put together. If you're freaking out about this signing, try the following: -get some fresh air -get lucky -order a blizzard (cookie dough is da bomb)
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