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  1. Steve Dangle just creamed in his blue and white undies. Ritchie ain't gonna put them over the top. They need 2 top 4 D and a goalie. But most of all they need that killer instinct, but the pretty, rich boys don't have that and it cannot be bought.
  2. I am not concerned at all. I think we have a great mix of skill and will. Look at TB. Their forwards outside of Maroon are all on the smallish to medium size and it could be argued their most effective and impactful line 5 on 5 was their 3rd line and Gourde, Goodrow and Coleman are all gone. TB still has world beaters in Kuch, POint and Hedman but that 3rd line wasn't huge physically but played an aggressive in your face, puck hounding style and I think we have players of that ilk. Miller, Horvat, Hoglander, Podz, even Petey pursues the puck hard.
  3. Welp. NVM my the main non-point of my post. LOL. BIG Mac can still get the job done and likely at a cheaper cap hit.
  4. If Big Mac can earn a regular spot this coming season he plays tough and can handle himself in a fight when called upon. No need to give up any more picks for a guy like Ritchie.
  5. First Fluery and now Reaves. 2 fan fav's moved in matter of days. Now Vegas won't play with quite the same edge. Reaves made everyone braver when in their lineup.
  6. Jim has made the team younger, quicker, bigger and harder to play against. We have depth at every position should the injury bug hit. The Poolman signing was a shock (both term and AAV) but I'm hoping he plays well and proves to the fanbase why JB gave him that contract. Aside from how OEL plays, my main concern is Petey and whether his wrist is strong enough to unleash that wicked wrister and one time clapper.
  7. Hard to believe he would rather play in Winterpeg but to each his own I guess. Their D lines look pretty solid. Quite deep actually with Morrisey, Pionk, DeMelo, Dillon and Stanley.
  8. I'm curious to see what Petey and Hughes sign for this summer and how much term it takes. I think they both end up with bridge deals at a lower cap hit to help us stay competitive so we can renew deals for Bo, Boeser and Miller in the next few years. At least, that is what I am hoping for (TB model of lesser cap hits to spread the wealth, as opposed to TO, which is just so top heavy with their 4 star forwards).
  9. Quinn Hughes has already produced more points in a single season than Werenski and despite his age, sending them Schmidt, Podkolzin and either Juolevi/Rathbone is overpayment. Playing with a partner like Seth Jones allowed him to play to his strengths. If he stays in CLB, it will be interesting to see who plays with him and how his overall game fares (likely still produce feeding Laine one timers on the PP). I like the player but sending them 3 solid assests like you suggested is out of the question and hurts our team depth. You lost me at Podkolzin. This player is going to be a foundational p
  10. Sir. Columbus would make out like bandits if this was put forward by us to acquire ZW.
  11. Their window for a cup is now. JB should not retain any salary. They want a proven winner in Holtby and take another run this season, they need to pony up.
  12. Nobody in their right mind would compare OEL to Hedman. Hedman is THE Ultimate complete D-man, extremely talented/solid in every facet of the game. No other D can do what he does on the ice, the way he does it, on a nightly basis. OEL will be a solid addition to our d-core, so if fans are excited about that, I see no issue with this. But our excitement certainly doesn't lead us to making unfair comparrisons b/w him and Hedman. Give your head a shake.
  13. Tell that to Bo, Miller, etc. The current roster has to be excited about these additions over an unknown commodity that would not have a true impact on the club for years.
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