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  1. Even if you wanted another player it’s really hard to be disappointed with Klimovich with where we were picking. Hockey IQ always translates and he has it. Dynamite shot and he doesn’t just use it from the perimeter, he gets his nose dirty and goes to the middle of the ice and drives the net, you need guys willing to go to those high scoring areas on the ice and he isn’t afraid to. He’s got a motor that doesn’t quit and brings some nasty to his shifts. Chalk me up as a fan, of course this pick comes with some risk but they all do especially at the spot we took him but with his ceiling and pot
  2. I loved this pick, had the OHL gotten games in this year I think he goes in the 2nd round but definitely don’t think he would have gotten out of the 3rd. I can’t wait to see this guys numbers next year. Great pick where they got him
  3. I can’t imagine any team would offer that but if they do we should jump on it immediately. A first or some combination of 2nd and 3rd or 4th would be a massive win for us
  4. I think that’s a fair assessment, Johnson tops my list of guys I think will be available to us and would love us to take him, Svechkov is one of the guys I’d be happy with but he’s closer to the back end of my list on that 14 or 15 guys. I absolutely love what Johnson could bring to our lineup whether that’s playing with Pettersson in the future and seeing what those dynamos could do to opposing defences or playing on a line with Horvat and giving him a truly gifted offensive winger to bring even more out of him
  5. Is there a player at 9 that would make anyone mad if we drafted them? I’m open to so many players at 9 that I think the worst move we could make is to trade the pick, unless it’s a massive reach I won’t be upset. There’s 14 or 15 position players I’d be extremely happy with, some more then others but I think I’ll be happy with the result regardless
  6. Taking a picture of someone in a sexual act without their knowledge or consent is pretty deviant, then showing that picture afterwards is absolutely stupid. I agree 17 year olds do stupid things but I don’t think it’s extremely common for people to take pictures during sex without the person in involved knowing about it. The media really hasn’t run this story or kid into the ground either, I’ve heard very little about this in the media actually. It’s just been a contested debate on this board over the last day with a couple people sitting on the wrong side of the fence. I agree that it doesn’t
  7. Johnson has high IQ, and he plays his role in the defensive end (could still get a lot better there especially as he gets a little stronger) which is rare for someone his age with elite offensive instincts. The biggest thing for Johnson will be to try and do a little less and pick his spots in the pros which I’m sure he will be open to being coached so I don’t see any issue with him at all. I’d be extremely happy with him
  8. I made mistakes when I was younger with women but I learned from my mistakes. My son won’t hear me say a bad word about women and just sees me treat them with utter respect, He will be a great man I have no doubt about that. I’m being the example I needed when I was younger. I’m not worried about him
  9. My son is only 2 so he’s a long way off from dealing with girls, but when he is of that age I’d be devastated to find out he did something like that. Those pictures need to be taken with consent of both parties and stay private. Your answer here is phenomenal and although I’m not into having the Canucks draft him I absolutely respect your position on it and you being fine with them drafting him because you know how wrong it is and aren’t just sweeping his action under the rug. I don’t think he’s a lost cause and has plenty of time to redeem himself but what an awful and stupid thing to do for
  10. He’s got tons of talent in a position of need for us. I’m generally do whatever it takes to win, but not at all costs. I’ll trade a fan favourite, there’s really not much I wouldn’t do but I’d avoid bringing him in to our locker room for sure. That’s just me though, others can feel differently about it I just think the whole “he’s just a kid” argument has zero merit.
  11. How am I altering the rest of his life? I didn’t make the decisions that were made, he did. And I’m not saying he should be punished like a murderer. Im saying he clearly lacks character. Bragging about sex isn’t new, I did with my friends when I was younger too but I never would have shown video or pictures of it to them because common sense would tell you that’s wrong. I wouldn’t have been worried about it getting to NHL execs, I would have been worried about it getting back to the girl who could then take it wherever she wanted, whether that’s a big brother, school district or police is rea
  12. Why try a 17 year old for murder? They don’t know that’s wrong yet, according to you that information comes on your 25th birthday. It’s impossible to do something stupid until you’re 25 right? And who would be destroying an NHL career? I wouldn’t, GMs not taking him wouldnt, it would solely be his fault. Self sabotage can be a very real thing but you’re a very unaware person clearly. No one is saying lock him in jail and throw away the key. I’m saying I’d like my favourite organization to have the balls and spirit to say “we don’t want this piece of garbage on our team”. There’s a go
  13. I think Svechkov is outside most top 10s because they don’t see the same offensive potential in him as other players. I would be very happy if we ended up taking him but he isn’t my top choice. If he ever blossoms offensively he could be the steal of the draft
  14. At 16 and 17 you can be tried as an adult, let’s stop making it seem as though he’s an 8 year old making decisions. I agree that he didn’t get away with it and was handed down the law by Swedish standards and with what he did more then likely wouldn’t get jail time anywhere with it being a first offence. He was fined and that’s in line with the law he broke. But you keep making it seem as though it’s alright he made the decision he did because he’s 17. You can live on your own and work full time at 17, you’re not a toddler
  15. I’m not saying your brain is fully developed at 17, I’m saying you know right and wrong. And you do. I guarantee you he knew what he was doing was wrong but did it for some laughs and cool points among teammates. I’ve done a lot of stupid things before and after 17 and I knew what I was doing was wrong in the moment, I didn’t turn 25 and say “wow, guess that was a bad idea”. Typically the next morning I knew I had messed up. And I never said because he wears skates he should know better, I said because of the position he was in that he should have known better which is a much different argumen
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