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  1. I think so too, and also playing in the North Division for the entire season...
  2. Voted 'yes,' but then again, I thought we were a playoff team last season. Really excited to see Podkolzin and Garland. I like our roster depth. I think we're deep enough to try different looks, depending on matchups or if we need to shake things up, and still be successful. We could go 2 scoring lines and a checking line. Or 3 scoring lines by moving Miller to C. We could line match, or just roll our lines like Vegas. Our fourth liners are useful players that bring leadership, can PK, and can move up the lineup if necessary. Even on D, I'm interested in how the pairings turn out s
  3. They tried to build their team around analytics, but I feel their data likely came from the regular season. The game is completely different in the playoffs, and the metrics likely are as well (just guessing, I haven't actually looked at the numbers). So the result is Dubas' construction of an amazing regular season team, and when the game changes they don't have an answer. I think this is also on their best players being unable to elevate their game when the intensity ramps up. I think their top guys go in expecting to win with skill, while the other team is willing to do whatever it takes.
  4. We should let EP run the PP. True, his coaching resume isn't extensive, but I'm sure the Vaxjo Lakers could be his reference.
  5. True, but we could get the bros together. Then they could bro-pressure Jack into demanding a trade to us
  6. Starting from most hated, I'd have to say the Leafs, so not them. I also want them to look like fools for their cap distribution. If they win, the media is going to say Dubas is a genius, and vindicate everything. I'm not yet strong enough emotionally to handle that. I also hate the Oilers, so not them either. Throw in Vegas too. I'm neutral about Montreal, but would be sad if Toffoli wins Conn Smythe. For similar reasons, if the Flames made it, I'd be mad if they went any further than us. Thank you Calgary. Just speculating here, but if Winnipeg/Montreal manage to beat the Leafs/O
  7. That compete level was tough to watch. If this continues, I guess the good news is they'll be well rested when the playoffs start. Bad news is, we won't be participating.
  8. Sell high? I love Demko, but I'd be willing to part with him if it gets us a stud d-man somehow. Like maybe straight up in a trade, or to get rid of the Eriksson contract so that we have the space for that d-man. Yeah, bottom 6 needs a makeover... way too expensive for what they bring. I hope we can replace at least some of them internally with young guys coming up.
  9. Sometimes you gotta lose big to really learn the lessons you need to learn
  10. hope pettersson is ok. looked like he got clipped by schenn, and then got off the ice immediately
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