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  1. The oilers have sucked for longer than most CDC posters have been alive and they still sell out. Don’t give me that “there is nothing to do in Edmonton” BS either. Implying that Vancouver has all these recreational options at 7pm in the pouring rain, mid January. Vancouver fans are as fair weather as it gets. Only time we sell out games all season is when we are Stanley Cup faves.
  2. I don’t know if that’s totally accurate. It’s nice and everything but my god is it expensive. The taxes don’t help either. One of the biggest draws to Vancouver is actually its proximity to the Okanagan. It’s absolutely mind blowing how many NHL players live in the BC interior. I fly out of Kelowna for business and I’ve run into, Ken Holland, Nathan MacKinnon, Jerome Ignla, Duncan Keith, Andrew Ladd, Big Buff to name a few. I personally would never, ever live in Vancouver. It rains too much for someone who is already miserable 90% of the time. Very few people in North America want to live in Vancouver. Trust me.
  3. Vancouver has some pretty sad fans. It’s not just the negative fans either. If this city got behind the development by selling out games regardless of their record. FA wouldn’t be pressured out of a rebuild. I actually enjoyed these last few years just as much as any other time. I have no problem watching these kids develop, that’s partly the reason why I wanted a full rebuild. I don’t even enjoy going to the games because it’s a stale atmosphere with everyone looking at their phones. I wonder where the flying skate, pacific coliseum crew is at? I remember 1994, I was kid in Saskatchewan and we were all jets fans cheering on that magic Canuck team. That summer we all wanted to be canuck players in the street hockey games and this was halfway across Canada. That just doesn’t happen anymore. The rest of Canada definitely has a problem with this fan base. The over negativity (which I’m fully guilty of) along with the over sensitivity. We are crybabies from every angle. I couldn’t believe the difference between 1994 and 2011. It was sad. Then as soon as our team started it’s decline everyone bailed, ticket sales plummeted and finically a rebuild just wasn’t an option.
  4. I agree, He has just lost a step. I think it’s unfair to assume he isn’t trying.
  5. Quinn Hughes, he is the most talented Dman the organization has ever had. He will have his ups and downs this year but mark my words this is the start of a legacy.
  6. Grammar police are far more ferocious.
  7. This is the only place that has a fan base that’s heavy in favour of JB. There are others like reddit that are more balanced but it’s negative for the most part. If you take all of the social media and media sources combined, it’s a resounding No to JB.
  8. Engagement in real hockey talk with someone who disagrees with you is way more fun. I remember the bromance we created in the Luongo trade thread. I agree with absolutely nothing you say but you are easily one of my favourite posters.
  9. I’d sooner be able to ice fish, play hockey outside, build snow forts with my kids then pay $9,000,000 for a bungalow built in 1947 with rain on my face every day. To be completely honest with you, most of Canada would never under any circumstances want to live in Vancouver.
  10. Does it really matter? I actually like being pessimistic in a heavily optimistic CDC. The opposition to my opinion is far more entertaining to engage with then everyone on HF, Twitter, etc, who share my opinion. I don’t understand why most people can’t just be entertained by either side. It doesn’t make sense to me. Who cares?
  11. Our star PMD and 1C are 19 and 20 years old. Give your heads a shake. People. This team is in the 2024-25 range and that’s still young.
  12. EP absolutely killed it in the Calder voting. That is the perfect example of us getting credit where credit is due. He is extremely hyped up by everyone in the media. The steal of his draft class, it’s reverberated around the league. It’s just that Canucks fans are the most thinned skinned biological matter on the planet.
  13. I seriously don’t understand where you could dig out any Canuck discrimination or blatant, forced negativity. Every single year the media has portrayed us as a team in the NHL ghetto. Every year they have done so, guess where we ended up? The Ghetto. The media collectively can get some things wrong from time to time but for the most part they aren’t too far off. It’s time people just suck it up and come down to earth to live and prosper with the rest of us.
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