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  1. I may be alone in this, but I actually like the risks Chatfield takes. He is super active and willing to skate and make plays. Sure, he gets caught out but that is part of learning process. I think Chatfield has the makings to become a solid defender in the NHL. He reads plays really well even if he doesn't execute perfectly. But again, that takes time. Also, I disagree with this video showing anything overtly negative. On a PK it is absolutely reasonable to have a defensemen skate the puck in deep. IIRC this was a rush up the ice that he joined. Nothing came of it, but
  2. Anyone able to translate whatever the hell Drance was trying to ask in that last question? I feel like he lost the plot a little bit...
  3. What happened to the Moj? People said earlier that he was ragged on, but what was actually said?
  4. I assume it must have something to do with special teams. Our PK took a significant hit in this offseason losing Tanev, Marky, and, to a lesser extent, Toffoli. Even Fantenberg ate up some PK time. With our PK being atrocious to start, Green must like that Roussel has more experience on that front. I don't necessarily like the decision. But I doubt it comes down to "veteran vs young kid"
  5. And he looked pretty sturdy in between the pipes. Neither goalie will be a walk in the park. Hoping we get more first period vs. Calgary Canucks! Petey will get going—kid seems to perform under pressure and is usually his own biggest critic.
  6. Yeah, I’d have to agree. While there may have been bad blood while he played for the Red Wings, since his retirement I think most fans view him as the integral part of the West Coast Express that he was. Not some goon to be booed out of Rogers.
  7. And in a real game against a different PK there are two players standing in front of the net
  8. All the talk of our size but lack of physicality is something that hopefully changes this year. It's one of the reasons I really like Mac in the lineup, and why I think Rooster is better as a healthy scratch than anything (But we need PKers so that probably isn't how it'll break down). When Myers uses his size he topples guys like they're paper, he's just gotta use it more. I'm a big proponent of Jake, and while he has had struggles, if all he ever does is third line scoring duty, I'm happy. BUT--enough with the fly bys... It is so frustrating to watch him glide past someone as th
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