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  1. Bob Probert. Great poll, I had to give it some thought, I do like many of them including Gino, Semenko and Reaves as some of my finalists, but Bob Probert would be my choice in a one-off bout, and for a variety of other reasons he has my vote as best enforcer of the ages. What a beauty.
  2. This is such a good line-up. To me, Coach Green usually makes really good line combo decisions. I never considered Dickenson at 1LW, but it does make sense because having Miller as a Force on the 3rd line is such a strong and unique look. But the coach seems to really like Miller on the EP line and I don't blame him.
  3. Every life and every person has a creator and a reason for being. One can be dull as a doorknob and God can still use you. We could all use more beauty and patience with one another.
  4. It's an awesome trade on different levels, I couldn't be happier with it. Absolutely, the fault-finder will find fault even in paradise. Great work completing this trade.
  5. A more accurate opponent for Aaron Carter would have been either Kevin Federline or Machine Gun Kelly or someone of that ilk. Odom is 6'10 and it was quite a silly-looking spectacle, but from a marketing standpoint it gathered a lot of interested viewers. Odom v another NBAer would make it more even. Boxing purists may frown upon it, but there is plenty of public interest and potential viewership. I would like to see more there are match-ups galore Spears v. Aguilera OJ v R. Kelly etc.
  6. There were probably a few things at play here. They are probably making room for Lind. Come on Kole Lind, show us what you've got bro. You're up.
  7. When I saw the waiver wire, I was hoping that they would pick him up! excellent job GMJB and co. a useful player that should fit in well here!
  8. Harry and Meghan - Keep loving your family, doing positive things and honoring the institutions that allow you such a beautiful life. Peace be with every person out there.
  9. Yes good point, I think we need to hire Gallant before Seattle or someone else does. He's coaching the upbeat style we are looking to play and will surely get a lot more out of Schmidt and some of our other talented players. Our roster is not a good fit for Green's 'dump and chase' We should be using our talent much more effectively. We need an experienced coach to take this group to the next level.
  10. Hi guys, seeing as we are on a downturn in on-ice performance, the players are underperforming and seem unhappy. Are we looking at a management group or coach that has lost the room? Will Aquilini and co. make a change? or wait until the off-season? Let's hear from you! take it way Canuck Nation... Peace and Love
  11. What a fantastic performance. I agree with most here, that was the best performance of the season so far. It was meaningful because it keeps the momentum going to the road games ahead. Those Ottawa games were really the boost they needed, we needed to see them pump in some goals. loved it. I'm so happy for those guys, keep it rolling!!!!! Boeser has his shot back baby, looking like an Olympian out there! Hoglander with the engine going! keep it up!!! lets gooooo!!!!!!
  12. Thanks ! I generally feel better after having a little rant. You wrote an excellent post. I too would rather have Tanev and Stecher, these guys were playing so hard for each other. We were getting so close last year. In the current reality though , it looks like the upcoming Petterson and Hughes contracts will not be nearly as pricey. Brackett was also a very valuable piece of the staff. I wish that he was still here.
  13. This is a very good talking point right here. Horvat, Miller, Petterson, our best remaining players were shocked and unhappy about the off-season moves. YES THAT MAKES SENSE! because so many of us are disappointed as well! they gutted this team in the off-season and thought they could take a step forward? Yes economics forced us to let them go, but we needed to keep these guys through good GM work, he focused on the OEL deal and let all our important assets walk. Which really put a damper on things. I think most of us thought Demko was ready to be a dominant league force based on the Vegas series. That's not the case. Markstrom is the Vezina caliber one. Markstrom and Tanev, were the backbone of the team. Stecher is a heart and soul player and glue guy. Those guys were HUGELY important to the team and locker room. We tried to replace them with mercenary free agents. I wish that we could have them back. But it's a business and we probably would've lost Markstrom to Seattle in the exp. draft anyway. The financial uncertainty played such a big part in of all of this. There is so much grey area that the average fan is not able to see or privy to. It's a shortened season, so this actually was probably the best time to do a mini-reboot and see what the young guys can do it's a contract year coming up for Hughes and Petterson and we needed to see how far along this group really is. We need to see if these guys are really $10m/year players And now it looks like we will be able to get both of them for $6-7.5m/per year. So that's good news.
  14. I very much enjoyed the Juolevi from the World Juniors, where he was the best D man. The opponents play would get swallowed up and turned up ice onto Laine's stick and then into the back of the opponents net. It was kind of like he had a forcefield around him and the play would just get driven up ice. I hope he does that again.
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