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  1. Thank you Back to permanent retirement tbh
  2. Qwags can be on the list too at the Zfetch/Sane level. Imo, there is exactly one wolf within MR and SS. Probably the same with DM and Aladeen.
  3. Gee thanks I'm actually confident in my selections btw. If I die and you deviate a lot from my picks, picture me screaming at you from the Deeps.
  4. That's my dead-legacy list. If I die you better look at it.
  5. Wait BoKnows DarthMelvin Master Radishes Luckylager (Then maybe Zfetch/Sane)
  6. BoKnows DarthMelvin Master Radishes Zfetch/Sane
  7. I'm probably dying tonight. If I do, yeet BoKnows Please yeet BoKnows Yeet BoKnows BoKnows
  8. I want to as well but I don't think he's getting yeeted tonight. Let's pray he's not around tomorrow anyways if you know what I mean.
  9. Anyone off wagon should be switching to something viable.
  10. Aladeen (2) - BoKnows, DarthMelvin luckylager (1) - J-23 DarthMelvin (4) - Aladeen, GoCanucks16, Qwags, Ceres Qwags (1) - luckylager J-23 (3) - Master Radishes, Zfetch, naslund.is.king Saharpshooter (1) - falcon45ca
  11. And lucky had a W O L F Y P O P P I N last night. I know he's not going down tonight but he should be considered. Unvote; Vote DM
  12. Going back I don't like posts for the sake of excuses. That's what wolves feel compelled to do. @Master Radishes is this a coffee tell?