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  1. Sounds like you're the one who is "butthurt" You posted it all humble brag style and I'm just pointing out that the comparison is flawed, much like your logic or your false accusations of my lack of intelligence and humor. AND you misused "you're", "too", and "your" - just so you know! To each, their own! Get Loui on the bus to Utica ASAP!
  2. Wow we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for troll threads now that the Canucks have regained their form, eh? Like really? A powerplay thread? What's next, "The top six forwards need to step up their game - we're just not scoring enough"?
  3. We got Ferky coming back, he's gonna be on fire, just wait for it
  4. We are truly not worthy of the glory of our Swedish Alien overlord King Petey the 1st! The Stanley Cup will surely have Mr. Pettersson's name on it soon! (Under the heading of "Vancouver Canucks" of course)
  5. That's a failed comparison, as Eriksson is no Burrows, and Horvat/Pearson as good as they are are not the Sedins. Eriksson is more like the Morrison to the WCE. Except not nearly as good as Morrison either. If Horvat and Pearson are gonna carry someone on their line, it should be someone more productive, and someone more in our long-term plans. I still honestly hope that Loui returns to the pressbox when our injured forwards return to the lineup, because he's just taking the top six spot of someone else that would do much better there - like Jake, Gaudette, Leivo, maybe even Ferky, etc etc Just say no to Loui "The slouch" Eriksson! I'm sorry if this makes you feel that he's been bullied!
  6. I'm aware he gets lots of credit I'm saying he should get even more lol
  7. My bad lol Tampa 3 Vancouver 1 Pearson with the first road goal
  8. Not going to provide any substance, huh? No logic to back up your statement? I'm very disappointed.
  9. Sounds like many of you are not in favor of forced trade day, I will personally let Mr. Bettman know.
  10. Can we please stop with the trade Marky threads now please :D
  11. From Nintendo consoles: 1) FF6 2) Earthbound 3) NBA Jam tournament edition 4) Super Mario RPG 5) Chrono Trigger Edit: Now THIS is a good thread eh
  12. Miller was a pretty good steal too but when you compare the value of what we gave up in both trades I'd have to agree. Neither is exactly Naslund for Stojanov but hey you work with what you're given
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