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  1. You guys think ol' Mike D is gonna get the start in goal tomorrow?


    Canucks gonna bust Vegas out - bet on that!

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    2. -DLC-


      I bet it'll be Marky. 

    3. coastal.view




      you think the injury risk to marky is that great playing back to back games?

      tell me how and why

      and show me past posts where you raise this when any team plays it's goalie in back to back starts (maybe start with that laffs team)


      cuz i understand the concern to be to limit goalie starts to around 55 games

      so they are not worn out before the playoffs

      and yes that does include not playing in every back to back game

      but really, back to back games were regularly played by most starting goalies in the past

      not sure why you are elevating this issue for marky

      when our choice is to start a young green goalie who got ventilated in his only nhl start

      or to start marky who has not been overplayed so far this season


    4. Alflives


      Maybe Marky gets injured, and we go on a fantastic run with Mikey D?  

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