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  1. Vancouver Canucks are an elite dynasty in the making


    Pettersson > Tom Brady

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    2. Master 112

      Master 112

      I did the math and can proof these statements if needed. Good work, team.

    3. coastal.view



      a 3 game winning streak sure inspires

      a mood of unbelieveable confidence in this group

      recency bias much?


      what about all those games in november and 1st half of december?

      what is everyone going to say when the next 4 game losing streak happens?

      hey the team is progressing

      and is building a solid foundation

      dynasty implies the every young talented piece

      is progressing on a remarkable curve

      and is a no doubted to maximize their potential

      and the weaknesses presently in the group

      have specific high quality replacement pieces


      can you seriously say that without any caveats?

      brock is still progressing on a remarkable curve that leaves no doubt that he will maximize his potential?

      demko with his concussion issues is a no doubter?

      hughes on d seems solid in his progression but who else is there for the d grouping (who are the no doubt replacement pieces? - can you name any one at all?)

      bo is still progressing remarkably?

      ep40 seems to have slowed his progression just a tad since the 1st half of last season?



      i need some holiday spirits to distort my perception of reality i guess

    4. chon derry

      chon derry

      all permits in place all volunteer groups notified ,everythings a go...…...


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