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  1. We are in this cap situation because no one wanted to come to a rebuilding team in Vancouver. We over paid. Now we are exciting and players want to join but we have no money. It’s frustrating as a fan! I can only imagine how management feels! 

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    2. #Canucks


      This was completely misinterpreted. I think Benning & Co. have done a fantastic job. This is one of the most exciting times in the past decade to be a canucks fan. 

    3. internationalhippy


      they gave roussel and beagle an extra year. Thats the only instance i can think of that they overpaid, in term not dollars.


      Sven baerstchi got paid because he was our top line forward at the time. NOT OVERPAID

      Brandon sutter was supposed to be 3rd line centre while we rebuild. Not Overpaid

      Loui eriksson got the same contract as every other major free agent that offseason and from what I recall  all 5 had vancouver as no 1 on their list. Canucks got to choose first and calgary beat their offer to lucic by 1 year and 1 million extra every year. Not Overpaid


      luogo cap penalty is biggest issue followed by flat cap. otherwise we were in a pretty good position up until last season



    4. Dazzle


      And yet somehow these people think the Schmidt trade was overpaid. LOL.