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  1. Has anyone else been having troubles with the site or is it just me? I keep disconnecting or smth
  2. What the approx VC right now? I believe the day is ending relatively soon?
  3. He doesn't appear to care about the game, or just doesn't have time.
  4. Okay. I don't believe that a game designer would put a pure RNG role into a game, wherein the role does not choose its targets or effects. That doesn't make sense to me. Is there someone you can say to reassure me?
  5. Okay, that's what I thought. Do roles like this typically exist?
  6. I did not receive a gift. Could you please reiterate your claim? Because it is not completely clear to me.
  7. I see, thank you for responding. Regarding the middle, I suppose that means it would be in my best interest to completely disregard your prior post describing your previous scum game, and your claim that it being very different from here is a good look. Sounds good to me
  8. You're a pretty new player. Can you describe yourself to me so I can better understand you? I just have a couple questions in that vein. Do you think you've found a style that you're comfortable at this point? If so, what is it? You mention that you had a good scum game last go around. What lessons did you learn that game that you think will help you be a better player in the future? You talk about your scum game here but not your town game. What's town you's MO? Thanks
  9. I'll look again, but I'm not big on your wagonomics, hog. I'll double check it, though.
  10. If you, yourself, have to double check the validity of your claim, does it stand to reason that a sane person, too, would want to follow up on it?
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