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  1. Look what happens when Boeser is back in the lineup Miller Horvat Garland Hoglander Petterson Boeser Pearson Dickenson Podkolzin Highmore Lammikko Chiasson Podkolzin and Chiasson can switch spots
  2. Look what happens when Boeser is back in the lineup Miller Horvat Garland Hoglander Petterson Boeser Pearson Dickenson Podkolzin Highmore Lammikko Chiasson Podkolzin and Chiasson can switch spots
  3. Reason being because they have already gone through a tremendous learning curve. They can hit the ground running. Most importantly they already know how ownership works which is a huge asset. The Sedins with Gillis and Gilman. Great leadership!
  4. https://thehockeywriters.com/canucks-benning-offseason-rumours/ Personally, I think Gillis and Gilman are the solution.
  5. Then basically next year, fans should have very low expectations
  6. As I read this Province article headline, and then read the sub headline... "the organization needs to get back to thinking smart" I thought my God.... What if Mike Gillis is coming back?
  7. All right.... New Top 9 for next season... I'm trying to balance all three lines... Vesey Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat Podkolzin Hogger Miller Virtanen What do you guys think?
  8. I think your D is realistic, depending on how much Hamonic and Tryamkin are willing to sign for. There is a question as well with Edler. But I don't think we could see Edler, Hamonic and Tryamkin next season. Maybe two of them at the most. I think the question is do you try and bring Tramkin in to replace Edler? Or do they look at Rathbone to replace Edler? Really we have to invest in youth next season, because our window opens the following season after next.
  9. I can't see ownership green lighting buy-outs, they don't like throwing more money at bad contracts. Jim has to be accountable for his signing and suffer the consequences of his decisions. Virtanen can be traded before the deadline at the end of next season if necessary. I don't think ownership has any unrealistic expectations for next season. Everyone knows our window opens up the years after next. What I'm hoping for next year is that they get some of our top young guys (Podkolzin, Lind, Juolevi and Rathbone) some ice-time to develop their game. What about our defence next season? Do you think Tryamkin will be in the mix?
  10. Well, I guess we should start talking about next year's lineup.... Hoglander Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Podkolzin Vesey Miller Virtanen Motte Gaudette Boyd Roussel Lind Macewen
  11. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander Motte-Sutter-Virtanen Roussel-Gaudette-MacEwen Edler-Schmidt Hughes-Hamonic Juolevi-Myers Demko Holtby
  12. Tyster

    Benning's plan

    The plan is always evolving and changing (besides draft and develop well). As of right now, the two year plan is to phase out all the bad contracts in our bottom 6 and free up some cap space. On defence it is to rebuild by inserting and further developing our farm guys we have drafted, signed and developed. The D core is Hughes, then Schmidt, then Meyers... Edler is gone once we have new young guys who are better, this will happen over the next two years, so whether they resign Edler on another 1 or 2 year deal or not remains to be seen. In net, they want to transition Demko from backup into our undisputed #1 starter (hence the 2 year deal for Holtby). After two years, there are going to be young offensive prospects that will be inserted into the line up and developed at the NHL level once all those bad bottom 6 untradeable contracts, and all the contracts for guys that aren't even playing (Luongo included), which are the worst contracts of all!! Also in two years think of were our core of Pettersson, Hughes, Demko, Horvat and Boeser will be, although the jury is still out on Boeser, not sure he will be able to live up a new contract based on what his qualifying offer will be. So, the next two years are major development and transition years, our real longer term window opens in year 3 from now.
  13. I think last year was our shot, but now we need to regroup, get the young guy in our system some NHL experience, shed the bad contracts, and then 3 or 4 seasons from now our real window will start.
  14. Use the next two years to get the young guys some NHL experience, develop our young depth. Financially our situation will be a lot better in two years and I think Benning and Co. have learned from some of their bad trades and contracts.
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