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  1. I don't think that's why Green prefers not to use it. Calling a timeout signals fragility so the other team maintains it's confidence (momentum) coming out. That's one way of looking at it anyway, and after watching Green over the years, I think that's always at least part of the reason.
  2. Standard to play guys with experience when you have a lead in the third. Podkolzin's been playing well but still makes the odd mistake. It could be Greens way of sheltering him from criticism -- imagine if he had been the cause of a rally -- so he can continue his steady rise.
  3. Maybe Pettersson invited him up after missing a couple nice set-ups. Miller seems to have taken to him too.
  4. Loved that team at the time. Leach, Barber, Parent, Shero etc. When Kharlamov was killed I began to rethink things. Now I think Clark breaking one of the world's best player's ankle tainted the victory. Have you seen highlights of the guy?
  5. That's more Podkilzin's proportions.
  6. And the way he moves up the ice! A once and future star -- I see so many past greats in his bearing and look forward to when he matures. Benning must have caught wind of this guy before he went south to scout the juniors, quietly, like he was on an intelligence mission. I remember people were puzzled by it, and he didn't say much aferwards, but it must have been hard not to jump out of his seat when Klimovich fell to him in the second round. I guess he's learned to be cool about these steals.
  7. Our best pre-season game was against the Oilers full team and it featured our smaller, faster options. We matched their pace and looked good. It's the future. The dinosaurs didn't go extinct because of a sudden impact. They were big, slow and too unskilled to stickhandle their way through a changing world. Quick minds, hands and feet work best with others moving at the same speed. That's the message I got with the waiver losses and roster choices, and it's what I saw in that game against the Oilers. They looked so good I almost wished they would go with that lineup. By the way, what do you think McDavid said to Lockwood? I have to admit it was pretty cool the way he delivered the message, whatever it was. I think he told him to lay off their stars, otherwise our stars would pay the price. That's okay, let vets and name players lean on other stars. It's kind of the unwritten rule anyway and subracts any need for enforcers. They just escalate things in the wrong direction. Let the players play. I think that's the way the league is evolving, or trying to. I wish it was like that when Mogilny was here
  8. I don't drink anymore but I'll definitely be giving a Podzilla! for every hit. I think he's been saving them for the regular season.
  9. Well if he's great in the post-season and good in the season let's hope it follows he should be just okay in the pre-season, so nothing to worry about.
  10. That's your judgment though. He didn't win a lottery to get there, he earned his way. I don't know him of course but I do hear what people in the game say about him and it's all been positive. I see the wheels turning when he's talking to media and like how he resists being badgered into answering certain questions. Maybe we would understand him better if he did but at the same time it could be bad for the team. That's a good quality for a coach -- or GM for that matter.
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