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  1. Looked to me like he unexpectedly moved his leg farther right in a last-ditch attempt to avoid a knee on knee but Hyman reflexively moved the same way. Not sure though, Edler was too gassed to do much that could definitively be called an evasive maneuver if further punishment is being considered.
  2. Virtanen is quietly becoming a decent all-round hockey player right under all your held noses
  3. Larianov compared Podkolzin with Messier not just for his style of play but for his leadership qualities. He might even become a greater leader than Putin. If Putin did call him to stay in Russia, Podkolzin could talk him into coming to Vancouver with him, which would be great for us -- I saw Putin score eight goals in a game once.
  4. I still don't understand why no one discusses just a straightforward two points for an overtime/shootout win, no points for a loss. The standings would be cleaned up, simplified, like baseball %. Sure it hurts when the home team loses a "guaranteed" point but win or lose the drama would intensify right to the end and rivalries would increase. I can only think the league must be concerned about it being too harsh for fans, hence the crickets, but I wouldn't complain.
  5. Perfectly timed too. No pressure from fans paying for seats
  6. Yeah, too bad they had the big guy bias at the time. He was sure-handed. No one would have scored on him from centre ice
  7. The thing is, you guys say the same thing over and over again. It's lazy. You're predictable and you don't show any effort in your criticisms. Maybe you need to sit out a few games and reset. looks like the quote didn't make it along. It was nothing more than just another Virtanen attack
  8. Yeah I was at that game. I saw him jump Moore but almost immediately a crowd of players and other personnel formed around them. It was obviously serious but without radio commentary we didn't really know. The atmosphere was car-accident grim and after a few I minutes decided to leave rather than wait for blood I half-expected to trickle out between skates. In my opinion Brad May contributed significantly to what happened, acting like a jackass to foment emotions that went way beyond hockey norms
  9. Brutal? He was fine. Not dramatic, decent voice that didn't distract from my own take of the game.
  10. It's not even clear to me Miller's tested positive even once, he's just been near someone who's 50-50 in results. And it's results not symptoms that determine quarantine periods, so I'm optimistic it'll only be a week
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