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  1. DK? As in Dark Knight? An alliance with the White Knight (Podkolzin) could prove spectacular.
  2. I think his wife is sufficient, at least as far as Russian companionship goes.
  3. I don't think Toffoli would have signed anything he would have offered and Benning knew it, I guess he could have extended an offer as a formality to please the mob. My point really is that most of the criticisms against Benning ignore the power and rights of the players involved. It's not insignificant and need to be respected. Calls to sit veterans to let the youth play for instance. They've served the team well and haven't retired, so bench them? The people who claim to be objective tend to treat the players as objects. Benning doesn't do that, Green doesn't do that and I like that ab
  4. I notice all you guys who blame Benning assume the players are pawns, not people. It's called free agency because the player is free to make his own choices. I don't know but it always seemed to me Toffoli never considered Vancouver his dream destination. A player's decision is based on multiple factors, most of which we could never know or guess, but it is his decision, not Benning's
  5. \ I find this compelling not for my father but for Steve Goodman, a great soul who already knew he was dying. If you've never heard of him he wrote The City of New Orleans. Fantastic guitar player too
  6. The Abs (Les Abs in Maillardville)
  7. The Lion is okay, never mind male lions are lazy which he's anything but. The first time i saw clips of him they were describing him as lion-hearted and it fit. I was thinking Podzilla as Godzilla had offensive skill (possessed a laser shot, albeit from his eyes) but won the hearts of the people as a great defender. But yeah, The Lion.
  8. The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained.
  9. He's a good kid, I would love to see him succeed. If you think all this hate doesn't have an effect on him you're mistaken. Yes, yes, no one cares what anyone says here but come on, this kind of thing is so widespread that of course it does. And you all take turns pushing it farther. The last straw for me was when someone dropped the pretense of characterizing him as having a low "hockey" IQ and just said he has a low IQ. It was like a dam broke. You all seemed so overjoyed. Threads were made. I would be okay if you confined your bile to those threads but you pollute all other threads with gra
  10. Looked to me like he unexpectedly moved his leg farther right in a last-ditch attempt to avoid a knee on knee but Hyman reflexively moved the same way. Not sure though, Edler was too gassed to do much that could definitively be called an evasive maneuver if further punishment is being considered.
  11. Virtanen is quietly becoming a decent all-round hockey player right under all your held noses
  12. Larianov compared Podkolzin with Messier not just for his style of play but for his leadership qualities. He might even become a greater leader than Putin. If Putin did call him to stay in Russia, Podkolzin could talk him into coming to Vancouver with him, which would be great for us -- I saw Putin score eight goals in a game once.
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