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  1. it was satirical... on the actual responses i received in this thread... someone called this evil voodoo and someone referred to me as a millenial... that over analyzes everything... but im of the hard opinion that boomers are generation x.... thats the hard take.... im sorry that you dont accept the term... Just taking the piss.... anyways it was really funny and kinda sad seeing a whole bunch of people getting offended over statistics... stomping around the thread putting in insight about a&b sound... just another example of how silly some people are...
  2. WOW!!!!!! I think you are using this thread to Atack petey boi... Petey boi welcomes all types of people in his life... I accept marriage of any two people without thought of Gender or identity... if you want to believe you have no gender i also support that... if you want to transition to a male or a female thats fine by me.... you can come into my house and i will cook you a meal and i will welcome you with arms wide open, i will not be afraid of you hitting on me or anything else... i have not ever had a sexual or romantic relationship with a man but have been open to the thought before but found i prefer woman... I dont feel comfortable calling people with pronouns like car or grass or clown... i just cant do it...
  3. young kids popularized this term presumably the first that popularized it grew up in traditional and potentially even bigotted households... because any other use would not make any sense... this is the logical answer when i said this i was specifically speaking about traditional conservative families and how they might be even preached about homosexuality in their own homes,churches etc... during these times... they would be taught about traditional ways of lives and how other views would be considered "wrong", "sinful" or "immoral" and some kid thought he was funny by calling something gay and some kids laughed and the other kids said it too because they also maybe thought a similar way or at least were too scared to challenge their peers who used it. I know im right... there is no other logical answer to the popularization of it
  4. OK folks that are upset... obviously we need a list of all the words we are not allowed to use anymore... no one wants to be cancelled because we dont know the rules.... what offends everyone so we san just get this over and done with? i think a word that is offensive to me is cancer... when people use it to trivialize things that are very common and it just grinds my gears.... can we cancel this word? I also hate the word patriarchal, Patriarch... the fact that men are being demonized for masculine behavior and also being scrutinized for also being too sensitive is confusing I also want white to be banned too... too many people use it demonize people born with this color skin without their choice and its a very popular thing to do.... i want to be called translucent from now on... only 8.1 billion more inputs and finally we can have our perfect society back... obvious sarcasm but i am offended when i hear these terms used so loosely... but cancelling them on a side note... i would gladly agree with many people here in saying that crawford is a angry man... and the way he acted out in anger was in poor choice and if he were to be punished or at least made take some anger management courses and therapy i would welcome and support this outcome...
  5. i know right... the term ****sucker has so many different meanings and IMO is not used as a homophobic slur.. in my experiences when someone uses a slur they use different words... and commonly in trades homophobic slurs dont even happen... i have heard bigotry in trades and its very suggestive stuff... if crawford did this on a job site alot of people would be offended by his actions, not because of the words but how angry he got. he would probably be made fun of for stuttering, that maybe he had some anger issues and would have a rough lunch break... where he would either defend himself and be pushed harder back or laugh it off and then it would be forgotten
  6. the fact that many have not experienced a very real form male friendship is very evident here... Throwing insults at each other and not being offended and throwing one back is a test in almost any trade... if you fail the test the insults will become more and more severe until you quit or you lighten up... they arent actually insulting you, they dont mean those words it is a test to see how well you can perform without losing your cool... losing your cool leads to incidents injuries and fights... FACTS
  7. well if you want to discuss that we i will gladly take it up with you in private or if you prefer you can create a thread that asks for this discussion... but to briefly discuss it it i will say this... banning words that may or may not offend people depending on how liberal or conservative you are... and then acting out with shame hate and violence towards the use of some words could be considered as fascist... but im not accusing anyone here of fascism... but they exist on both sides of the spectrum I will fight for the word ****sucker and anyone that tries to stop me is violating my freedom to use it ... I often use it when i make a "screwup"
  8. becuase their is no happy medium Dazzle... i could offend someone for using the word "woke: or "pc" or "SJW" the fact that you are getting upset kinda proves how ridiculous this is... PC thinking is widely accepted as left leaning.. if your upset with that fine... if others are upset with that fine... the fact is i cannot explain my point without offending someone is the issue here
  9. what a ridiculous response... words have different meanings you know right? especially this particular one... he was not complimenting the ref... but he was also not throwing homophobic slurs
  10. ... its a truth that's argued by many people.. perhaps you are in a echo chamber... your views does not define how the fact that this PC culture of being offended by everything is getting less and less popular by the minute... just remember that for every action their is a reaction. you may not have just noticed yet but "woke" culture is dying.. every day that the claims get more and more ridiculous someone joins the anti "woke" culture... And yes its ridiculous to call this man homophobic for using the term... we can all agree he has anger issues... but that's not what the story said it said he was a homophobe and for the people you hang out with does it ever contain any laughter? wordplay and slight teasing whether its against oneself or others has always been a top echelon way of getting a laugh... if its immature to poke fun at someone i guess im guilty of being immature and i will let you know i never have been warned for any of my messages regarding these so called topics you say i got shut down... maybe it was shutdown for other reasons?
  11. i wan to do a thought experiment with you... the left argues that their is countless genders and anyone that feels they have been mislabeled by nature they can rebrand their gender... they also argue that sexual organs do not define gender, that any gender can have one and/or multiple sexual organs... if any gender can have a cock how can it be considered homophobic to call someone a ****sucker? what is more likely and generally acknowlodged by the term with the world population that the natural male sex organ is dirty and gross.... and the reason we still use it a slur for a stupid person is because many think it would be gross and stupid to perform said act... hence why the term stupid, gross and idiot are often used before it to show emphasis... like i said it hasnt been used as a homophobic slur for a long time... and in fact some small groups that include many different sexual orientations use it a term of endearment... I have had people call me a ****sucker in a light spirited way along with laughter in response to a roast i have just given them.... and that in terms of cursewords this is a very tame one... still I agree that crawford shouldnt have used the term in a work situation in a demeaning manner that he obviously intended... I just don't think it was homophobic at all...
  12. it used to mean happy or joyful in the 17 and 18th century.... by the 19th century it also became slang for a woman prostitute and a gay man was someone that had relations with these women. and if you said me and that lady were gay together you meant you had sex... around the 30's it started to also mean if you called a man gay it meant they had sex with not only prostitutes but also men... by 1955 it meant homosexual males and women prostitutes... by the 70's it no longer meant female prostitute and also included female homosexuals... the fact that you use this as some kind of gotcha moment is funny... people in the 70's 80's or 90's didn't understand why someone would be gay... they thought how stupid it must be to grow up without ever bearing many many children... because success meant having a large family... of course people thought it was stupid at the time.... some people still have those conservative views today... that success is measured by how many children you can bring into this world... but much less people think that now and understand why someone would be gay... so it has naturally fallen out of favor... the fact that anyone can be a ****sucker takes alot out of the merit that this is used as a word to slur in a homophobic manner.... many people will just curse and use that word in response to bad news... theyll just say ****sucker and regain their composure... in this fashion the intent is to show displeasure, and i don't know how you would construe this use with homophobia either. The left needs to stop banning words... it doesn't work... new words will take its place...
  13. The new PC way of complaining about a refs call... Ref! I require a word! i must protest this call you made! Clearly from my eyes i could see that you made a mistake! Perhaps, you have outside motive's to skew the game results in your preferred outcome? Defend thine self!
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